Notable NPCs


“Omnissiah’s Probe” Mechanicus research vessel

von trotha 3
Genetor Von Trotha and Astropath Metxer













Maximus, Augmented Alpha level psyker


Gravis Minor

EF-118“: Scientific STC arcology


Enginseer Strabolus

-Hyper-rationalist Ordo Logi Adeptus Mechanicus (Tech-priest rank 4)

-Magos dominus of mechanicus research station EF-118 founded by Thule explorator fleet at ???.M41.

-Has declared Gravis Minor as holy planet of Omnissiah and denied imperial colonization of the planet.

-Launched Mechanicus expedition 818.M41 to planet’s surface after preparation for a few centuries. Gained immense amount of precious data from Mechanicus expedition’s noospheric recordings and several undamaged miracles of Golden Age of Technology.

-Under investigation of Judge Mordechai.

Location: HQ of EF-118



Homo Legatus Perdiolus

-Monitor Malevolus Ordo Logi Adeptus Mechanicus (Tech-priest rank 3)

-Has morphing mask able to express six basic human emotions to help it interact with citizens of Imperium.

-Has salvaged a parts of archeotech power armor from Mechanicus expedition at Gravis Minor and displayed them on opening ceremonies of precinct-fortress of Sphaera Imperator.

-Has collected facial expression, emotion and recognition data of several important Imperial individuals during opening ceremonies of precinct-fortress of Sphaera imperator.

Location: Satellite Bay of EF-118.


1064Skitarii officer 101

-Survived Mechanicus expedition to surface of Gravis Minor.


skitarii 1064.jpgSkitarii officer 1064






Gravis Major

Bastion of Saint Drusus“: hive city

Mayor Usindra

Mayor Usindra

-Descendand of the leader of first Imperial colonists who founded the Bastion of Saint Drusus.

-Follower of rare a Mormonite sect of Imperial creed, on which doctrine Emperor bestows the blessing in measure of your progeny. He and his ancestors have been extencively seeding local population with their contribution to ensure their place in Emperor’s glorious plan. Actions under investigation of judge Mordechai.

-Has risen from simple colony leader to a representative of imperial hive city in a few tumultuous years.

Location: HQ of Bastion of Saint Drusus



Sister-surgeon Aletha

-Nurse Aletha is skilled chirurgeon and keen promoter of miasma theory. Has advanced talents of field amputation and cupping therapy.

-Through her persistance Bastion of Saint Drusus has gained sewer system, official vermin hunter Komuk and Judge Mordechai memorial hospital.

-One of the hive towers of the city is named after her to honour her contribution to struggles of siege of Bastion of Saint Drusus during native insurgency of ???.M41.

Location: Mordechai Memorial Hospital at Bastion of Saint Drusus.



Sanitation specialist Komuk

-Veteran of pest control wars from underhives of Necromunda. Hired as a specialist to take care of vermin problems of expanding Imperial colony Bastion of Saint Drusus.

-Used Imperial funds to build an underground HQ component to sewer system of the colony.

-Was hired as an Agent of Judge Mordechai and gains funding and troops directly from percinct-fortress of Sphaera Imperator.

-Current location: Underqround HQ at Bastion of Saint Drusus



Brother-militant Makbae

-Fervent preacher of Ministorum Galaxia.

“Every human born, Imperial or non-Imperial,  has the soul as a gift from Emperor and it is ecclesiarchys duty to guide them to sacrifice that gift in his glory”

-Has risen from a local preacher to spiritual counselor of salmon and snake tribes.  He teaches Imperial creed and explains Prophet Martün’s words to his Huwan followers.

-Has participated Snake tribes rituals of courage and honour and bears severe scars as reminder.

-Shares with unease powers of ecclesiarchical influence at the system with cardinal Humer.

Current location: Shrine of God-Emperor at Bastion of Saint Drusus


Young Jotak

Jotak, Half-blood street kid.

-Young half-blood son of a Imperial colonist and a Huwan tribesman. Gains sustenance for a mother by selling an usharillos at the spaceport of Bastion of Saint Drusus.

Location: Spaceport of Bastion of Saint Drusus


Jotak, Alpha level psyker

-Jotak after psychic awakening, lenghty chemically induced muscle atrophying coma and solitary confinement at hexagrammic cell.

Location: Hexagrammic cell of Collegio Magnitudo



Commander Ardman

-Commander Ardman is highest Imperial guard authority on the Gravis Major.

-Was commanded to suicidal charge by judge Mordechai during siege of Bastion of Saint Drusus.

-Was ordered to lead as the commander of a detoriating and an inhuman “Half-prayer campaign” by Judge Mordechai.

Location: Barracks of Bastion of Saint Drusus


Manor-Fortress of Grand Falls“: Noble house


Lady Isolte of Grand Falls

-Expensive rejuvenation techniques keep her youngish and perky on her third century. Only from advanced colostomy filtering apparatus you can notice her need of life support.

-Has background education among Officio Asassinorum.

-Founder of noble lineage of emerging Imperial system.

-Has petitioned Judge Mordechai  to get her unstable son Louis commmitted to house arrest.

-Has been fined by Judge Mordechai from averting ecclesiarchical taxes by 15 tax factors.

-Has lost her grandchild, heir of Grand Falls and has put up high bounty for any information about him.

Location: HQ of Manor-fortress of Grand Falls



Louis of Grand Falls

-Prodigal son of Isolte of Grand Falls.

“I am not decadent, I am privileged.”

Location: Luxury Quarters of Manor-fortress of Grand Falls.


hahmo 7

Captain Trantor

-Troops supported with barracks and rhino by orders of Judge Mordechai.

Location: Barracks of Manor-fortress of Grand Falls



Conciliatorix Simion

-Chorda dynasty operative on Gravis Major. Responsible for commercial and industrial development of Gravis Major.

-Mining operations were halted by orders of Judge Mordechai.

-Operations of auto-carnis factory was halted by orders of  Judge Mordechai to preserve auroch herds.

-Arranged auto-pisces factory to start processing marine life for Imperial rations.

Current location: Luxury quarters of Manor-fortress of Grand Falls.



Technomat Blunt

-Is responsible of holy maintenance and cleansing anointing of great STC engine Rananan-8.


-Machine started as Great Deforestation Engine but after temperate continent ran out of easily accessible forests it was converted to Great Relocation Engine and blessed by Specialist Gödel.

Location: Vehicle Maintenance Bay of Manor-fortress of Grand Falls



Librarian Emanuel

-Scholana psykana operative working for headmaster Idiomus of Collegio Magnitudo at Semis.

-Was responsible on tracking Maximus of Grand falls who showed signs of psychic otential. Lost his trail when Maximus ran away from Gravis Major.

Location: Librarium of Manor-fortress of Grand Falls


Imperial Friendship Bridge“: surface habitat

enforcer 5

Enforcer Malakai

-Head of arbitratorial operations at Gravis Major.

-Location: Barracks of Imperial Friendship Bridge.


Vallum-, Moon of Gravis Major

Gloria Lapidarius“: Military STC arcology

commander 2

Imperial Navy Commander Elmeh

-Hardened veteran on his retirement station.

-Highest ranking Imperial Navy officer stationed at Ultima Tectum.

-Suspicious of rogue trader dynasties and has a fear of being poisoned by influences he opposes.

-Exposes himself regularly to holy relic of imperial hypnodoctrination stored at “Gloria Lapidarius” and guarded by a dreadnought.

-Refuses to any meet psykers unless accompanied by sanctioned psyker Tesarc.

Location: HQ of Gloria Lapidarius



Sanctioned psyker Tesarc

-Forced by commander Elmeh to wear a explosive collar constantly.

-Suspected to be behind the poisoning attempts against commander Elmeh by Judge Mordechai.








Location: HQ of Gloria Lapidarius


tech priest 6

Transmechanic Barbadon

-Heavily affected by digital propaganda of Scions of Iron Sphere, misanthropic movement of Mechanicus extremesists.

-Follows orders of Necro-mechanic Fortius from Avaritas industrial star fortress.

Location: Power Core of Gloria Lapidarius


hahmo 3

Imperial navy master pilot Yondero

-Mentally unstable as she has been heavily affected by psychic radiation of the blue sun.

Location: Gloria Lapidarius fighter bay




-Ancient battle machine guarding archeotech relic stored at Gloria Lapidarius.

Location: Gloria Lapidarius reliquary


Penitus Balteus

Avaritas“: Large industrial star fortress

commander 3

Commander Regan

Active commander of industrial star fortress Avaritas owned by Chorda dynasty.

Location: HQ of Avaritas


cardinal humer

Cardinal Humer

-Highest ecclesiarchical authority of the system. Except for Gravis Major which is jurisdiction of brother-militant Makbae by rights of Ministorum Galaxia.

-Has been building Imperial cathedral “Immaculate Truth”.

-Fined Judge Mordechai for 20 tax factors for operating precinct-fortresses not blessed by ecclesiarchy.

-Enjoys high quality rejuvenation programs offered by Chorda dynasty.

-Belongs to Armormat sect of imperial creed.

-Trusts to heavily on cherubae and child labour.

Location: Auto-temple of Avaritas



Necro-mechanic Fortius

-Master of the great furnace of the industrial star fortress.

-Xenophobe who revels in destruction of remnats of a xeno culture.

-Member of mechanicus sect Scions of Iron Sphere.

-Has created sophisticated spying network with GRG servants hacked with talents of Scions of Iron Sphere.

Location: Smelting Furnace of Avaritas


hahmo 22

Conciliatorix Boltazar

-Employed by Chorda dynasty.

-Oversees finances and resources of Avaritas star fortress.

Location: HQ of Avaritas





enforcer 4

Enforcer Xanatov

-Ordered to follow activity of rejuvenation chambers and medical facilities by Judge Mordechai.

-Location: Barracks of Avaritas


chorda curatorix

Curatorix Mordio

-Oversees security of Avaritas star fortress.

-Answers to Chorda dynasty.

-He was assigned to his post after his predeseccor died for uncommon psychic effects in obscure circumstances.

Location: HQ of Avaritas star fortress


Huren 3Sanctioned psyker Huren


Scutum“: Asteroid void habitat

hahmo 17

Scholar Pandarus

-Xenos Scholar sponsored by Chorda dunasty.

-Studies the local xeno race that has been extinct for over millenias.

-Has put up large bounty for extinct xeo corpse and any local xeno technology.

Location: Xeno Librarium of Scutum



Xeno legatus Quintus

-Xeno specialist educated and modified by Chorda dynasty.

-Prepares first contact protocols with xeno races for Scutum operations.

Location: HQ of Scutum


Serobyn 3

Augmentist Serobyn

-Tech-specialist hired by Chorda dynasty.


Location: Laboratorium of Scutum


Sphaera Imperator“: Asteroid void habitat

hahmo 5

Spokesman Memillius

-Appointed leader of Sphaera Imperator.

-Has support of Void Union and keeps asteroid void habitat in control.

Location: Luxury Quarters of Sphaera Imperator


enforcer 8

Enforcer Thurio

-Relative of Spokesman Memillius.

-Infatuated with Lady Percy.

-Friend of high quality amasec and constant visitor at the precinct-fortress to make an report.

Location: Barracks of Sphaera Imperator


lady percy

Lady Percy

-Minor noble vassal of Chorda dynasty

Location: Luxury Quarters of Sphaera Imperator



Scholar Morton

-Academic master of the theories of the Tactica Imperialis, as well as other systems of troop deployment and battle techniques used by the Imperium. This knowledge may be used to devise a battle plan or deduce the likely flow of war fought by Imperial forces.




Location: HQ of Sphaera Imperator



Administorum Acolyte Ecbert

-Young and ambitious acolyte who gained post after several of his predecessors died by assassination.

-Responsible for Imperial Cognomen of the system by collecting census data and applying psychic screening across the system.

Location: Administrative Vault of Sphaera Imperator






Pilot Gerbeh

-Usharillo smokin void born shuttle pilot.

-Contact to Void union, Underworld








Location: Main Cargo Hold of Sphaera Imperator



Astropath acolyte Teresa

-First of the acolytes of Imperial Astropath Primus Martün the Sane.

Location: Astropathic choir of Sphaera Imperator


Semis-, Moon of Impensus

Collegio Magnitudo“: Small arcology


Headmaster Idomias

-Has been screening psykers for use of Scholana Psykana and Inquisition.

-Old psychic evaluator of Astropath Primus Martün Underberg.

-Has stamp with Inquisitorial rosetta to back up his authority.  Stamp sanctified ny Grand Master Aurora Orlov.

Location: HQ of Collegio Magnitudo


herkelAstropath Herkel




Location: Astropathic Choir of Semis






PC-5728“: large penal arcology



Prison warden Vladir

-Responsible for running large arcology converted to prison colony by Imperial Navy.

-Responsible for stocking up the visiting  Imperial Navy ships with fresh crew.

Location: HQ of PC-5728





Nimbus Extern

Canor Sol: archeotech STC star fortress


Commander Gurgen









Location: HQ of Canor Sol



Curatorix Hemlock

Location: HQ of Canor Sol



Conciliatorix Arviragus

-Responsible for commerce and resources of Canor Sol. Answers to Winterscale dynasty.

Location: HQ of Canor Sol



Lieutnant Patris

-Groomed heir of Commander Gurgen’s position.

-Joined forces with Judge Mordechai  to purge the den of mutants and smugglers at “Skirmish of Pugia 817.M41”

-Location: HQ of Canor Sol



Reactor monk Omnisheim

-Distributed a petrified cogitators found from Gravis Minor across the forge worlds of Calixis Sector.

-Distributed archeotech to “Imperial Antiques” at Canor Sol where it was sold to the officers of Imperial Navy. Deals were halted by orders of Specialist Gödel.

-Deceased as sacrifice to appease machine spirit of a genatorium of a star fortress after failed reconfiguration ritual.

Location: Deceased



Merchant Alfmed

-Owner of Best Imperial Pies chain.

-Started as minor distributor at Canor Sol star fortress at Nimbus Extern.

-After working as an informant for Judge Mordechai he was able to secure system wide deals.

-At opening ceremonies of precinct-fortress his wild auroch pie was a huge success and he was able to secure Merchant Trade Warrant for his family.




Location: Promenade of Canor Sol




enforcer 7

Enforcer Varrius

-Master of precinct-fortress of Canor Sol.

-Second in arbitrator chain of command if precinct-fortress of Sphaera Imperator is compromised.






Location: Precinct-fortress of Canor Sol


Pauperpolis“: comet void habitat


Enforcer Solomon

-In charge of law at void miner outpost.

-Ex-bountyhunter who was promoted to enforcer by Judge Mordechai even he had past criminal history (Arson).

Location: Barracks of Pauperpolis


Celos“: comet void habitat

mama bethel

Mama Bethel

-Matriarch of Bethel void clan.

-United Nimbus Extern void clans under her rule and founded void habitat that was annexed to Imerial taxation by judge Mordechai.




Location: HQ of Celos


hahmo 6

Bernam Bethel

-Heir of Bethel clan.

-Was aided by Unques Aquilarum during hazard with mining shuttle.




Location: Imperial Tacticae Vault of Celos.



Unregistered void habitat at no flight zone

Astropath Veiled Ugrippa













vision 6
Thalia, Alpha level psyker



Non-local NPCs:

rogue trader 3Rogue Trader captain Qumais

-Captain of Imperial raider Audacia.


Location: Star vessel stationed at the system.







rogue trader 14Rogue Trader captain Karfa

-Captain of Imperial frigate Regurgitator

Location: Star vessel stationed at the system.



High-judge Gregory

-Regular visitor at Avaritas medicae station and rejuvenation chamber as his health is deteriorating from old age.

Location: Calixis Sector


inquisitor 4Inquisitor Grandmaster Aurora Orlov

Location: Light cruiser “Orlov principle


inquisitor 2Inquisitor Victoria Aldrich

Location: Port Wander


rotho 2Inquisitor Master Rotho Klaive

Location: Winterscale realm





Location: Deceased











-Insane twin surgeons.

-Followers of daemon Nytram.


Location: Deceased






Location: Unkown






von trotha 2Luxium

Location: Unknown