Lady Isolte, Baroness of Grand falls


Lady Isolte of Grand Falls

-Expensive rejuvenation techniques keep her youngish and perky on her third century. Only from advanced colostomy filtering apparatus you can notice her need of life support.

-Founder of noble lineage of emerging Imperial system.

-Has petitioned Ordo Arbites to get her unstable son Louis committed to house arrest.

-Has been fined by Judge Mordechai from averting ecclesiarchical taxes by 15 tax factors.

-Has lost her grandchild, heir of Grand Falls and has put up high bounty for any information about him.

Associates: Captain Trantor, Louis of Grand Falls, Conciliatorix Simion, Conciliatorix Boltazar, Commander Gurgen, Mayor Usindra,

Adversaries: Merchant Alfmed, Void Union, Cardinal Humer, Mama Bethel

Location: HQ of Manor-fortress of Grand Falls

!GM notes!