“Sphaera Imperator”

sphaera-imperator-uusinClass: Major asteroid, high metal content, UT-1183,
Habitat: Void habitat on the heart of the asteroid.
Description: Depleted asteroid riddled with abandoned mining tunnels.
Size: Small, under 10 km
Population 100.000
Gravity: Low, Main tunnels and habitat have standard Terran gravity with Land tiles.
Atmosphere: Tunnels: None, Habitat: Terran
Anomalies: High metal content (adamantium), Riddled with abandoned mining tunnels.

Notable characters:
Habitat Spokesman,
Habitat enforcer,
Void Union agitator,
Lady Percy
Chorda Legatus,
Winterscale Legatus
Teresa, Astropath acolyte, Pupil of Astropath Martün Underberg
Gauss Electro priest, rank: 0, Underling of Specialist Gödel, Core guardian
Regiomontanus Rune priest, rank: 0, Tech-Shrine guardian
Tech-deacon Oppolzer, Rank 1, Lecturer of Cult Mechanicus
Ecbert Acolyte Administratum, caretaker of administrative vault
GRG-668 servitor

Speed: NA
Manoeuvrability: -45 (-5 from component)
Detection: +5 (+5 from component)
Armour: 40 Metal rich rock
Void Shields: 1 UNPOWERED, insufficient core configuration
Hull Integrity: 68 (-5 from component)
Turret Rating: 0
Weapon Capacity: 1 dorsal weapon platform

Core output: +69 – Consumption: 49 = +18 reserve
Space used: 73

Essential components

Fusion core Pow: +30 Space: 6 Military configuration; low maintenance, high power output, low peak resistance
Void shield array Pow: 5 Space: 1, UNPOWERED, insufficient peak resistance with current core configuration.
Exploration HQ, good quality, Pow: 4 Space: 2, (+5 detection, active augury)
Vitae pattern life sustainer Pow: 5 Space: 3
Voidsmen quarters Pow: 2 Space: 4
W-240 passive detection array, good quality Pow: 2 Space: External (may perform augury without being detected)

Supplemental components

Auxiliary Plasma Banks (exeptional quality) Pow +12 Space: 6, If Damaged, 1d5 Hull Integrity Damage, Plasma banks on Fire
Hydroponics Deck Pow: 5 Space: 4, morale and endurance improved. See below.
Medicae Deck Pow: 2 Space: 1, +20% Medicae; IBx3 patients treatable
Hold landing bay Pow: 1 Space: 0, -2VU for Attack Craft on first turn; +10% Pilot+Manoeuvrability to land safely, 3 DoF make another attempt, 4 DoF crashed and Component considered Damaged; Requires Main Cargo Hold; -5 Hull Integrity, -5 Manoeuvrability
Main cargo hold Pow: 2 Space: 4, Extra Stuff whilst doing Trade Objectives (x2.5)
Fire suppression system Pow: 1 Space: 1, If Bridge is powered and undamaged, extinguish one fire in a Component -10% Tech-Use; Once per Strategic Turn
Small craft repair deck Pow: 2 Space: 2, -10% Tech-Use; 2 Craft per DoS recovered
Imperial shrine of Confederation of Light Pow: 1 Space: 1, +5 to Creed
Barracks Pow: 1 Space: 4 MISSING FROM THE MAP
Luxury quarters Pow: 2 Space: 1, + 5 Morale, -5 to Creed
Administratum Vault Pow: 2 Space: 4 (bonus to ? checks)

Arbitrator Presinct-fortress (good quality) Pow: 1 Space: 4

Components added within precinct-fortress walls:

  • Auxiliary Plasma banks Pow: +10 Space: 6, If Damaged, 1d5 Hull Integrity Damage, Plasma banks on Fire
  • Arboretum Pow: 2 Space: 3, Increase Crew Population Permanently by 2; x2 Time Ship can remain in Void without Crew/Morale Loss, Ptera-Squirrel population harvesting produces additional +? tax Factor
  • Pillars of Law Pow: 1 Space: 1, Extensive display of Ordo Arbites iconography. Bonus +5 to arbitrator command at the courtroom of precinct-fortress
  • Hexagrammic suppression cells Pow: 2 Space: 1, 6 cells, allows separate (safe?) storage of psychic persons or material

Components restricted from general habitat population:
Astropathic choir Pow: 1 Space: 1,+10% Focus Power Test for Astro-Telepathy; Increase Psychic Powers by 5VU’s
Warp Gate Map Pow: 1 Space: 1, Navigation (Warp) to Locate; -20% Navigation (Warp) to Traverse; On Failure, vessel went somewhere else.

“Tmple of Infinite-valued Logic” Pow: 5 Space: 5,
Factorium: Armor  Pow: 4 Space: 6, STC production line with archeotech adjustment, produces uncommon armor plating quality.


Atomics, 10 Hits, 1d10+6 Damage; Salvo Rules

Administratorial Data-loom


Dorsal: Voss Pattern Torpedo tubes Pow: 1 Space: 5
Mine layer bay Pow: 1 Space 4


Commerce bonus:

+5 Cargo bay

+5 armor


“Addled Canary”, local bar

Stored components:

2 pcs Fission generators Pow: +2 Siz: 1

Jovian missile battery Pow: 3 Space: 1, UNINSTALLED, No available weapon platform


820.M41 60.000 refugee miners joined to population.

Temple of Knowledge  Space 5, Power 5, Ship Points 10, Archeotech, edited for Ultima Tectum campaign
Appropriate hull type: Can only be put in a Habitat, Heavy Frigate, sufficiently sized Transport (Space and Hull both of at least 40), Light Cruiser, Cruiser, or Larger ship.
This Temple is a fantastic piece of archeotech and engineering, kept lovingly updated by some of the most powerful members of the Imperium, placing what would normally be many more components, usually spread throughout a fleet in anything other than an Ark Mechanicus, so that a single ship can usefully do a myriad tasks befitting exploration and the obtaining of knowledge.

It has a myriad linked components:

  • A Shrine of the Emperor in his guise of the guiding light of human knowledge, or as his incarnation as the Omnissiah, as well as various Imperial saints associated with blessings of sanctioned, appropriate individuals towards tasks of learning and discovery for the greater humanity.
  • A Librarium where, rather than being stocked mainly with books and scrolls, writings can be etched microscopically onto durable disks of sapphire or diamantine for later storage and retrieval, including facilities necessary to transfer traditional media onto this method.
  • A Laboratorium, where small artefacts can be studied.
  • A small-batch rapid prototyping Manufactorum, with the curious, lost-to-time name of a ‘Skunkworks’.
  • A small research Hospital where humans can be treated or ailments investigated or upgrades installed to the flesh.

Some of the capabilities are less compared to their larger, dedicated equivalents, but the sheer usefulness more than make up for it.
+10 bonus to crafting or repair checks of small items or small batches of items, including via Trade checks, as well as medicae tests, all non forbidden lore investigation tests, as well as forbidden lore archeotech, and, at GM’s discretion, any forbidden lores directly associated with sanctioned Imperial technology, like Mechanicum, Astartes, Ecclessiarchy, or Inquisition (when dealing with Mechanicum/Space Marine/Sororitas/Inquisitorial technology, for example).
Further, at GM discretion, sometimes extended actions such as Triage may work for more crew than otherwise when making use of this component, and other similar benefits.
Counts as having Good Quality Superior Damage Control for this component only, even if that component and upgrade are not otherwise on the ship.
Cannot be made Best Quality; is already Archeotech *+25 to all endeavors due to the multi-faceted utility.

!GM notes!