Class: Rock planet
Size: Small
Gravity: Standard
Atmosphere: Toxic
Resources: Exotic minerals (Alkaline salts)
Anomalies: Orbits sun on opposite direction compared to other planets of the system.

The planet hosts an active hydro-thermal system that includes hot springs, fumaroles (alkaline steam vents), and rich mineral deposits. Hot springs exist primarily in the equator of the planet where land-surface elevations are relatively low; fumaroles exist primarily in the polar regions where elevations are higher. Mineral deposits from thermal activity are found on an uplifted areas called the resurgent domes.

Imperial habitats:

Penal colony PC-5728

Mining colony; “Dolabra Imperator”

From this distance onward suns radiance is almost part of the background radiation. Ecosystems based on surviving the suns radiation do not at this distance.