Class: Rock planet
Size: Small
Gravity: Standard
Atmosphere: Toxic
Resources: Exotic minerals
Anomalies: Orbits sun on opposite direction compared to other planets of the system.

The planet hosts an active hydro-thermal system that includes hot springs, fumaroles (alkaline steam vents), and rich mineral deposits. Hot springs exist primarily in the equator of the planet where land-surface elevations are relatively low; fumaroles exist primarily in the polar regions where elevations are higher. Mineral deposits from thermal activity are found on an uplifted areas called the resurgent domes.

High terrain northern hemisphere

  • Imperial penal colony PC-5728

High terrain southern hemisphere

Low terrain

  • Ferrocrete Valley, area where hot springs are blocked with ferrocrete slabs by the order of Judge Mordechai 819.M41


From this distance onward suns radiance is almost part of the background radiation. Ecosystems based on surviving on the suns radiation do not exist at this distance.

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