Cociliatorix Simion


Chorda Dynasty operative on Gravis Major. Responsible for commercial and industrial development of Gravis Major.

-Mining operations at Gravis Major temperate continent were halted by orders of Judge Mordechai 818.M41.

-Operation of auto-carnis factory at temperate continent was halted by orders of  Judge Mordechai 819,M41 to preserve auroch herds.

-Arranged auto-pisces factory to start processing marine life for Imperial rations. Commercial fleet is fishing on basin of river Ceres. Fishing colony is founded 821.M41

Allies: Conciliatorix Boltazar, Lady Isolte,

Adversaries: Conciliatorix Arviragus, Judge Mordechai, Merchant Alfmed, Brother-militant Makbae, Chief-In-Command Red Turtle

Location: Luxury quarters of Manor-fortress of Grand Falls.

!GM notes!