Clan Bethel

Clan Bethel arrived to the system along other void clans when Adamantium Rush started 792.M41.

It has become the void clan, which controls the heavy ice trade and dabbles with prospecting archeotech at outer comet cloud of Nimbus Extern.

Clan Bethel was able to dominate other void clans residing at Nimbus Extern and assimilate them to clan-servitude.

Members of the clan are followers of the sect of Imperial Creed Confederation of Light.

Following the verdict set by Penitent Clarissa they have strict protocol in case of twin births. As verdict defines that Emperor is only able to bestow one soul and in cases of twin births one that is born last is a daemon and subject to immediate purge.

When void habitat of Celos was founded 819.M41 by Clan Bethel they also seceded from Void Union and enmity has grown between now competing factions.

820.M41 Void Union prevents pilgrimates from th Nimbus Extern to visit way-shrine of Shaera Imperator.

Notable members: Mama Bethel, Bernam Bethel,

Associates: Judge Mordechai

Adversaries: Inquisitor Grand-master Aurora Orlov, Void Union

Strongholds: Celos

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