Chorda Dynasty

The Chorda Dynasty’s mercantile fleet is the envy of most Rogue Traders in the Expanse, and rivals even Winterscale’s vast flotillas in number of hulls and sheer firepower. Chorda’s ships tend toward small, fast frigate and raider class hulls. These are multi-role ships that can carry a respectable amount of cargo and can either fend off or run from serious trouble with equal skill. Since she tends to haul smaller, higher yield cargoes, there are few capital ships in the service of the Chorda Dynasty—typically used to make a show of force or impress the impressionable.
In her tenure as head of the Dynasty, Lord-Captain Chorda has endeavoured to put her stamp on every aspect of the organization. Her well-dressed crews and ornately detailed voidships engender comment, most of it envious, in every port from the Maw to Naduesh. Even her underdeck voidmen are required to uphold an uncommonly rigourous grooming standard or face a hundred lashes. The Lord Captain’s reputation for brutality and her perfect blending of form and function have made her one of the more feared and respected Rogue Traders in the Expanse.

Notable members: Rogue Trader Captain Aspyce Chorda, Conciliatorix Boltazar, Curatorix Mordio, Conciliatorix Simion

Adversaries: Winterscale Dynasty

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