Sister-surgeon Aletha


-Nurse Aletha is skilled chirurgeon and keen promoter of miasma theory. Has advanced talents of field amputation and cupping therapy.

-Through her persistence Bastion of Saint Drusus has gained sewer system, official vermin hunter Komuk and Judge Mordechai memorial hospital.

-One of the hive towers of the city is named after her to honour her contribution to struggles of siege of Bastion of Saint Drusus during native insurgency of ???.M41.

-Warns Judge Mordechai about rising numbers of insanity and minor psychic occurrences among population 820.M41

Allies: Judge Mordechai, Brothe-militant Makbae, Commander Ardman, Sanitation specialist Komuk,

Rivals: Head-chirurgeon Kaltanis,

Location: Mordechai Memorial Hospital at Bastion of Saint Drusus.

!GM notes!