This site contains the background material and notes of players and game master for the ongoing and past Warhammer 40K campaigns and its content is under constant development as the campaign proceeds. My goal is to use the campaign notes to create a detailed Imperial system that can be used as a source material to any WH 40K rpg game.
Ultima Tectum system is located to Koronus Expanse and the current campaign timeline circa M41.800 Imperial time.

“I can see to the Eye of Terror because I stand on the shoulders of mutated giant monsters.”

Thank you, Games Workshop, Black Library and the gaming community, for this dark and terrible fantasy. Your dedication has made WH 40K an RPG universe that few other games can match on a minute detail and a philosophical complexity.

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Fanmade material available online

Ian M. Banks
Alastair Reynolds
James S. A. Corey

All the characters are figments of an imagination, any resemblance to a living or a dead is a purely coincidental heresy.

I have tried to keep up with the WH 40K canon but some parts of our campaign contain a fan fiction with an unorthodox approach to the official WH 40K universe.

This site was created for keeping up notes for the on-going campaign. Content may be revised or deleted suddenly. Sentences and ideas may be partial, inconsistent, contradictory or incomprehensible.

Warhammer universe is  a grim reflection of the dark side of humanity. None of the terrors and atrocities depicted on these pages can compare to what we have done to each other throughout the history. If you are offended by the content, do not read further and exit the pages.

“In reality, there is a happiness and a suffering.
In the Warhammer universe
a happiness should be portrayed only through a lack of suffering.”
Jani, RIP

Game system:
Rogue trader
Dark heresy 1. and 2. editions

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