NPC Specialist Gödel

Home world: Forge world Lathe Hesh
The very portrait of a classical forge world, Lathe-Hesh is covered with enormous factories, towering production lines, and vast assembly yards that churn out specialized weaponry and vehicles for the Sector militaries and for the Adeptus Mechanicus itself. Huge plains of marshaling yards and tank parks hold a generation’s worth of fighting vehicles and massive artillery waiting to be deployed where needed.

Career path: Menial Laborer -> Technomat -> Tech Acolyte -> Adept Initiate -> Tech-priest -> Tech-adept -> Adeptus: (Tertius -> Secundus -> Primus) -> Genetor 1: Genetor Extremis -> Genetor 2: Corpus Illuminator 818.M41-> Genetor 3: Metasurgeon 820.M41

Why has Gödel risen to his position?
-Waste-pit compressor technomat Gödel exposes a heretical laborer strike plan in his factorium district at Lathe Hesh. As hereteks lash out to sabotage the factorium Gödel and his trusted personnel hold control room of the factorium against rabid masses of menials and their agitator.

Official and honorary titles: Guardian of the Tech-shrine of Infinite Logic, Magos Dominus, Member of Ungues Aquilarum Arbitratorial task force

Associates: Judge Mordechai, Martün the Sane,Homo Legatus Perdiolus

Rivals: Tech-heretek Luxium,

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