Mama Bethel

mama bethel

Mama Bethel, the matriarch of Void Clan Bethel, had always been a tenacious and resilient woman. Her journey began in the aftermath of a devastating comet mining accident, leaving her as the head of a single struggling family. Determined to rise above her circumstances, Mama Bethel seized every opportunity that came her way.

It was during one of her many expeditions to salvage resources from the wreckage of the mining accident that Mama Bethel stumbled upon a remarkable archeotech item. This artifact, retrieved from the remains of a pre-imperial ancient star vessel, possessed extraordinary properties that intrigued Mama Bethel. Recognizing its potential value, she decided to use it as a catalyst to transform her family into a powerful clan within the Void.

With her newfound treasure, Mama Bethel founded Void Clan Bethel, drawing upon her natural leadership skills, sharp business acumen and series of arranged marriages. She used the archeotech item’s profits to secure significant dowries for her daughters and financial backing for her mining operations, attracting miners, engineers, and other skilled individuals to join her cause. Mama Bethel’s relentless pursuit of success and her dedication to her family’s expansion earned her a reputation as a shrewd and formidable leader.

Under Mama Bethel’s guidance, Void Clan Bethel slowly established itself as a dominant force within the miner void clans of the Nimbus Extern Comet Cloud. Through strategic partnerships and calculated alliances, Mama Bethel’s clan gained access to rich mining sites and exclusive resource rights, further fueling their prosperity. Her success culminated when judge Mordechai annexed comet habitat Celos at 817.M41 to Imperial taxation granting her the authority to directly negotiate the Imperial Trade Charters.

Mama Bethel’s audacious son, Bernam Bethel, proved himself to be an invaluable asset to the clan. He possessed an innate charisma and a keen intellect, quickly becoming Mama Bethel’s trusted advisor and confidant. Bernam’s potential as Mama Bethel’s successor became evident as he actively participates in clan affairs, learning from his mother’s experience and wisdom.

Together, Mama Bethel and Bernam spearheaded the expansion of Void Clan Bethel into new prospects, pushing the boundaries of their influence and solidifying their position as the undisputed leaders of the miner void clans at Nimbus Extern.

Associates: Conciliatorix Arviragus, Bernam Bethel, Clan Bethel

Adversaries: Syndicate, Void Union, Guildmaster Harten Donte, Spokesman Memillius

Location: HQ of Celos

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