Argoth Conglomerate

Originates to Argoth system on Jericho Reach Sector. Arrived with Great Refugee Fleet to Koronus Expanse and were hauled to populate Ultima Tectum system. Originally they were a mining guild with the Imperial Charter on their home-world, but their power has greatly diminished after Argoth system evacuation.

Citizens of Argoth are followers of Phanacians sect of Imperial Creed.

However large part of their 10 million population were skilled miners accustomed to work in hostile environment and with patronage of Judge Mordechai they were able to establish an colony to resource rich planet of Nothus.

Notable members: Guildmaster Harten Donte,

Allies: Judge Mordechai??

Adversaries: Void Union

Strongholds: Industrial arcology Dolabra Imperator

!GM notes!