Brother-militant Makbae


-Fervent preacher of Ministorum Galaxia.

“Every human born, Imperial or non-Imperial,  has the soul as a gift from the Emperor and it is ecclesiarchy’s duty to guide them to sacrifice that gift in his glory. Denying that duty from them is a sacrilege against their Terran heritage.”

“Just in three generations those fine humans will make the Emperor proud.”

-Rose from a local preacher to spiritual counselor of salmon and snake tribes.  He teaches Imperial creed and explains Prophet Martün’s words to his Huwan followers.

-100 year plan to fully convert Huwan society to Imperial Creed.

-Used his Imperial authority to prevent orbital bombardment of native population 818.M41.

-Participated Snake tribes rituals of courage and honour and bears severe scars as reminder. 819.M41

-Shares with unease stalemate the powers of ecclesiarchical influence at the system with cardinal Humer.

-Judge Mordechai backed up substantial loan for brother-militant for building of Imperial shrines across habitats of Gravis Major. 820.M41

-Has ordered construction of military training ground and Shrine of the God-Emperor to desert continent of Gravis Major. 820.M41

Allies: Judge Mordechai, Mayor Usindra, Commander Ardman, Convert Pietor, Chief-In-Command Red Turtle

Adversaries: Cardinal Humer, Astropath Martün, Commander Elmeh

Location: Shrine of God-Emperor at Plateau of the Sun

WS 45 BS 24 S 30 T 46 Ag 35 Int 29 Per 25 WP 52 Fel 40

Movement: 3/6/9/12 Wounds: 16
Armour: Chain Reinforced Robes (3 All except Head)
Total TB: 4
Skills: Awareness (Per), Charm (Fel), Common Lore (Imperial Creed) (Int), Linguistics (Int), Parry (WS) +10, Scholastic Lore (Imperial Creed) (Int) +10, Speak Language (High Gothic, Low Gothic) (Int).
Talents: Air of Authority, Demagogue, Hatred (Chaos Space Marines, Daemons, Heretics, Mutants, Psykers, Renegades, Xenos [All], Unshakable Faith (counts as Unshakable Will).
Weapons: Chainsword (1d10+5 R; Pen 3; Balanced, Tearing), Shotgun (Basic; 30m; S/–/–; 1d10+4 I; Pen 0;Clip 8; Reload 2 Full; Scatter).
Gear: Ecclesiastical robes, prayer book.

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