Winterscale Dynasty

Winterscale’s fleet runs the gamut of vessels from seedy tramp freighters and lurking raiders to huge mass conveyors and everything in between. However, Calligos’s love of war and conflict mean that his fleet has a higher number of “ships of the line” than other Rogue Traders. Multiple cruisers sail under his banner, led by his flagship, the grand cruiser Emperor’s Vow.

Already skirmishes and raids break out between the rival sides, and Winterscale is openly gathering his strength and his allies to crush the usurper. It is likely that Chorda’s competence and danger as a worthy adversary appeals to Winterscale’s blood lust, and only encourages his desire for conflict. The inevitable war between the two promises to be both bloody and massive in scale, and could plunge that entire region of space into conflict.
However, the approaching war offers the ambitious a singular opportunity. Winterscale is too evenly matched to Chorda to be assured victory.

Notable members: Rogue Trader Captain Calligos Winterscale, Conciliatorix Arviragus, Curatorix Hemlock,

Adversaries: Chorda Dynasty

Strongholds at Ultima Tectum system: Star Fortress Canor Sol

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