GM notes

Current campaign:

System of Ultima Tectum, background description of the planets and habitations of the star system developed for the campaign.
Visiting star vessels, descriptions of vessels and crews visiting the star system
History of Ultima Tectum, approximate timeline and debated history of the system
Koronus Expanse, yet fragmentary notes on the other worlds at the expanse
Notable characters, major NPCs of the system.
Psychic landscape, resonances at Ultima Tectum visible to psychically attuned.
Sound of the system, music for the system ambience.
Next game session notes, urgent partial ideas and GM fuck-ups.


Useful links, Warhammer 40K RPG sources from WWW.
Background sound effects, how to create and sound library.
Hexa/Pentagrammic warding, warding against psychic techniques and powers of chaos.
General Imperial minor NPCs, stats for minor Imperial characters.
Expanded Insanity rules

Imperial society:

Secrets of Adeptus Mechanicus
Hierarchies of Imperial Ordos
Aging of a Imperial citizen, lifespan and rejuvenation of Imperial citizens.
Imperial monetary system, local and Imperial currencies of exchange.
Imperial Creed, Holy days, Saints, etc
Imperial Tarot
Cognomen, A Citizen’s Imperial Security Identification.
Drugs in the Imperial society

Void combat:

Void combat turn template
Expanded boarding
Additional Navigator and Astropath void combat actions

Vessel/habitat hulls and components:

Machine spirits and past histories expanded
Star ship hulls for Rogue Trader, Collection of star vessel hulls from official RT books.
Designs of Imperial habitation Surface habitats, STC arcologies, void habitats, void stations, STC star fortresses
Imperial star vessel/habitat components, a list of official RT components, homebrew components from WWW and new components from Ultima Tectum campaign.
Ultima Tectum campaign components: new components that are yet hidden from players of Ultima Tectum campaign.
Component special qualities
Component archeotech/xeno/cursed qualities Stars of Inequity page 86

Work in progress:

Random partial ideas, unprocessed stuff.
Imperial calendar, Structure of the Imperial calendar dictated by holy days of the ecclesiarchy.
Visions of Martün, divinations of radical Imperial astropath Martün Underberg.
Great games of Nothus, Ritual gathering of Cult of Tzeentch

Dark Paranoia RPG, revised edition of classic Paranoia RPG with all slapstick humor removed and expanded emotional and mental problems of citizens of the Alpha Complex.