Spokesman Memillius

hahmo 5

-Appointed leader of Sphaera Imperator before it was annexed to imperial taxation 817.M41.

-Has the support of Void Union and adamantium production of Penitus Balteus asteroid belt. This keeps the asteroid void habitat in his control.

-As Imperial instances have established themselves to Sphaera Imperator, Precinct-fortress 817.M41 and Administratorial Vault 819.M41 the spokesman of derelict and gorged asteroid has reached Imperial authority beyond his own grasp as void habitat becomes center of systems Imperial bureaucracy.

Associates: Void union, Penitent Clarissa, Enforcer Thurio,

Adversaries: Necromechanic Fortius, Cardinal Humer, Chorda Dynasty, Winterscale Dynasty, Clan Bethel

Location: Luxury Quarters of Sphaera Imperator

!GM notes!