Commander Ardman


Commander “Ironhip” Ardman

-Commander Ardman is highest Imperial guard authority on the Gravis Major.

-He commands Imperial Guard regiment located to Bastion of Saint Drusus.

-Was commanded to suicidal charge by judge Mordechai during siege of Bastion of Saint Drusus. 819.M41

-Was ordered to lead as the commander of a deteriorating and an inhuman “Half-prayer campaign” by Judge Mordechai 820.M41.

-Has formed veteran unit from survivors of “Half-prayer” campaign that is fervently loyal to Commander Ardman.

-Participates to coming campaign against Stryxis infesting Gravis Major.

Allies:Sister-surgeon Aletha, Brother-militant Makbae, Imperial Navy Commander Elmeh

Adversaries: Judge Mordechai, Captain Trantor, Chief-in-command Red Turtle

Location: Barracks of Bastion of Saint Drusus

!GM notes!