Headmaster Idiomias


-A servant of Inquisitor Grand-master Aurora Orlov.

-For the inquisition he has been screening psyker assignments for use of the Scholana Psykana and the Inquisition.

-Has performed the role of a personal psychic evaluator for Astropath Primus Martün Underberg.during his initial schooling to psyniscience.

-Has pergament stamped with Inquisitorial rosetta to back up his authority.  Stamp sanctified by Grand Master Aurora Orlov 750.M41.

-Guardian of Jotak, Alpha level psyker, since 819.M41.

-Has been visiting the cathedral of Immaculate Truth at Avaritas with Jotak frequently 821.M41.

Associates: Librarian Emanuel, Cardinal Humer, Inquisitor Grand-master Aurora Orlov, Jotak Alpha level psyker, Xeno Legatus Quintus.

Adversaries: Judge Mordechai, Inquisitor Victoria Aldrich, Maximus Alpha level psyker, Veiled Ugrippa, Acolyte Thalia, Astropath Herkel

Location: HQ of Collegio Magnitudo

!GM notes!