Star system



The star system is located at sub-sector “Accursed Demesne” of Koronus Expanse. It is located beside the border of the sub-sector “Unbeholden Reaches”. See the map below.

The Sun of Ultima Tectum


Gravis Minor, medium rock planet, Terran atmosphere (Anomaly)

Sphere of life

Gravis Major, large rock planet, Terran atmosphere

Temperate Continent

Desert Continent

  • Feral habitat: Huwan religious center Plateau of the Sun“, converted to Imperial creed by Brother-militant Makbae 817.M41
  • Imperial habitat “Salmon-Snake Training Fields“, founded and commaned by Brother-militant Makbae 820.M41
  • Archeotech habitat: Vault Gamma, founded in pre-Imperial times, Overseer: Adeptus Mechanicus Logis Lexico Arcanus Steifner, claimed by Adeptus Mechanicus 821.M41.

Arctic Continent

  • Imperial habitat: “Providence of Alfmed“, founded by merchant of trade warrant Alfmed 821.M41
  • Ruins of feral habitat: Huwan religious center “The Frosty Spire”, decimated by Commander Ardman during “Half-prayer campaign” 819.M41.
  • Archaotech habitat:Vault Beta, founded in pre-Imperial times, claimed by Adeptus Mechanicus Genetor Biologis Engel 821.M41.

Moon: Vallum, Medium rock moon

Penitus Balteus, Asteroid belt rich with adamantium nuggets and xeno crystals formed by the collision of two rock planets

Impensus, Gas giant
Moon: Gaudimonium, Large rock, No atmosphere
Moon: Semis, Small rock, No atmosphere, Low gravity

Moon: Irae, Medium rock, Thin breathable atmosphere (Anomaly), Unclassified lifeforms

Outer reaches

Nothus, Small rock planet, Corrosive atmosphere

High terrain

Nimbus Extern, Exterior comet cloud with several habitats.

Mandeville Point

Interstellar space of sub-sector Accursed Demesne


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