Star system



Star system’s location is at sub-sector “Accursed Demesne” of Koronus Expanse, beside border of sub-sector “Unbeholden Reaches”.

The Sun of Ultima Tectum


-Mechanicus research cruiser “Omnissiah’s Probe” orbiting the sun on a cold run flight vector.

Gravis Minor, medium rock planet, Terran atmosphere (Anomaly)

-Mechanicus research station: “EF-118”, founded by Thule Explorator fleet 584.M411
-Archeotech habitat: “Labyrinth Mountain“, founded UNKNOWN
-Archeotech habitat: “Skulking City“, founded UNKNOWN
-Archeotech arcology: “Subterranean HQ“, founded UNKNOWN

Sphere of life

Gravis Major, large rock planet, Terran atmosphere

-Imperial habitat: “Bastion of Saint Drusus”, founded by Imperial colonists 735.M41
-Imperial habitat: “Manor-Fortress of Grand Falls”, founded by noble house 802.M41
-Imperial habitat: “Imperial Friendship Bridge”, founded by Judge Mordechai 817.M41
-Imperial habitat: “Emergency refugee camps”, founded by Chorda dynasty 818.M41
-Imperial habitat: “Providence of Alfmed“, founded by merchant of trade warrant Alfmed 821.M41
-Imperial habitat: “Bullion of Alfmed“, archeotech fallout shelter claimed by Merchant Alfmed  821.M41
-Feral habitat: Huwan religious center “The Valley of a Dense Smoke”, decimated by Judge Mordechai during “Archeotech Horribilis campaign” 818.M41
-Archeotech habitat: Vault Alpha, founded in pre-Imperial times, claimed by Adeptus Mechanicus 821.M41.
-Feral habitat: Huwan religious center “The Plateau of the Sun”, converted to Imperial creed by Brother-militant Makbae 817.M41
-Archeotech habitat: Vault Gamma, founded in pre-Imperial times, claimed by Adeptus Mechanicus 821.M41.
-Feral habitat: Huwan religious center “The Frosty Spire”, decimated by Commander Ardman during “Half-prayer campaign” 819.M41.
-Archaotech habitat:Vault Beta, founded in pre-Imperial times, claimed by Adeptus Mechanicus 821.M41.

Moon: Vallum, Medium rock moon

-Imperial navy fortress: “Gloria Lapidarius”, founded by Imperial Navy 798.M41

Penitus Balteus, Asteroid belt rich with adamantium and xeno crystals formed by the collision of two rock planets

-Industrial star fortress: Avaritas”, emplaced by Chorda dynasty 798.M41
-Asteroid habitat: Sphaera Imperator”, founded by Void Union, annexed to Imperial taxation 817.M41.
-Asteroid habitat: Scutum”, founded by Chorda dynasty. 79?.M41
-Void station: “Emplastrum Aegis”, Founded by heretical twin surgeons, refitted for Imperial use 820.M41 by Judge Mordechai.

Impensus, Gas giant
Moon: Gaudimonium, Large rock, No atmosphere
Moon: Semis, Small rock, No atmosphere, Low gravity

-Skolana Psykana habitat: “Collegio Magnitudo”, founded by CLASSIFIED

Moon: Irae, Medium rock, Terran atmosphere (Anomaly), Unclassified lifeforms

-Landing strip with auto-flamer defenses, established by UNKNOWN

Outer reaches

Nothus, Small rock planet, Toxic atmosphere

-Imperial habitat: Penal colony “PC-5728”, founded by Imperial Navy 798.M41
-Imperial habitat: Large industrial arcology “Dolabra Imperator”, founded Judge Mordechai 820.M41

Nimbus Extern, Exterior comet cloud with several habitats.

-Archeotech star fortress: “Canor Sol”, emplaced in pre-Imperial times, claimed by Winterscale dynasty 796.M41.
-Imperial void habitat: Comet “Pauperpolis”, Founded by void clans of Nimbus Extern, annexed to Imperial taxation 817.M41.
-Imperial void habitat: Comet “Pugia”, founded by mutant gangs 795.M41, purged and destroyed by Judge Mordechai 817.M41.
-Imperial void habitat: Comet  “Celos”, founded by Void Clan Bethel 819.M41.
-Forbidden flight zone that surrounds unregistered Imperial void station claimed by Astropath Ugrippa. Founded CLASSIFIED.
-Debris: “Graveyard”, remnants of ancient space battle.

Mandeville Point

Interstellar space of sub-sector Accursed Demesne


Edited for Ultima Tectum campaign