Gravis Major


Class: Rock planet
Gravity: Standard
Atmosphere: Terran
Population: 2.000.000 Imperial citizens, 50.000+ Native Huwans
Resources: Industrial production, Usha plant, Archeotech vaults
Anomalies: High rate of insanity and psychic awakenings among colonist population.


The planet is a marvel of engineering and ingenuity. The ancient humans who terraformed the planet did an outstanding job, creating an Terran-like world with diverse continents and environments.

The planet is home to three main continents, each with its own distinct climate and ecosystem. The arctic continent is covered in ice and snow, with cold-loving creatures roaming its frozen expanses. The temperate continent is lush and green, with a central plateau and dense forests teeming with wildlife. The desert continent is a harsh and unforgiving environment, with scorching temperatures and towering sand dunes stretching as far as the eye can see.

Despite the harsh conditions, the planet is inhabited by a native population of primitive humans called Huwans. These beings have been assimilated into human society, and many now live in small settlements alongside their human counterparts. They have developed their own unique culture and traditions, but they are also eager to learn from the more technologically advanced humans who share their world.

The planet has a bustling spaceport, which serves as a hub for interstellar travel and trade. A few human colonies have been established on the planet, providing a home away from home for those who have left the Imperium in search of a fortune and a new life. These colonies are mostly located on the temperate continent, where the climate is mild and the land is fertile.

All in all, the terraformed planet is a truly remarkable achievement, a testament to the ingenuity and determination of the ancient humans who created it.


Temperate continent:images10
Continent is surrounded by lowland coast, highland central plateau gives birth to major rivers carving their way through low land grass plains. River Ceres is greatest of continents rivers, through great canyon it bursts fervently by  several grand falls. High land forests, plain low land forests and floodplains dominate the landscape of the continent. High density of wild game emigrates between low and highland based on season and available nutrition.  The temperate continent a wide variety of weather through the year, with very cold and harsh winters and very hot and humid summers. Wind speeds are often very high, especially in winter. The Great Plains have dust storms mostly every summer or so.

Arctic continent:images11
Arctic continent is volcanic and geologically active. The interior consists of a plateau characterized by sand and lava fields, mountains, and glaciers, and many mighty glacial rivers flow to the sea through the lowlands. One of it’s coasts is warmed by the ocean stream and has a temperate climate, despite a high latitude just outside the arctic circle. Its high latitude and marine influence keep summers chilly, with most of the continent having a tundra climate.

  • Decimated Huwan religious center “Frosty Spire”
  • Archeotech vault “Vault Beta”

Desert continent:images9
The desert continent is defined by numerous mountain ranges creating its extreme conditions. These ranges often create valleys, endorheic basins, salt pans, and seasonal saline lakes when precipitation is high enough. These mountain ranges and valleys are caused by tectonic formation; a geologic area of crustal thinning which pulls open valleys over millions of years. Most of the valleys are internally drained (endorheic basins), so any precipitation that falls within the continent does not eventually flow to the ocean.

Other notes:

“Imperial friendship” bridge of Ceres riversilta
-Sculptures and reliefs display alliance of Imperial law and nobility for the greater good of mankind.
-Strong enough to hold the weight of a Titan.
-Located in strategic location making it center between lands along Ceres river and highland wilderness.
-Nexus point on power distribution from ancient underground plasma core to “Bastion of Drusus” and “Manor-Fortress of Grand Falls
Navigation beacon, combines vox, spotlights and laser grid to assist flight skill checks (re-roll failed check) to nearby spaceport of Bastion of Saint Drusus.


Planet is distant enough from the sun that the formation of life and continuity of ecosystems is possible.