Vault Gamma


-Unique STC underground fortress from the dark age of technology

-Located to desert continent of Gravis Major.

  • Adeptus Mechanicus Logis Biocogitatus (Level 1) Steifner , Guardian of the vault.
  • Monitor Malevolus Ordo Logi Homo Legatus Perdiolus Adeptus Mechanicus (Tech-priest rank 3)

Machine spirit:
Remnant of dark age of technology: guidance of the machine spirit makes any mechanical crew member more efficient. Servitor crew rate +10.
Past histories:
Isolation: When acting in void combat +5 to crew rate when alone against several targets and -5 if acting along allies.

Speed: — Manoeuvrability: – Detection: +35 Armour: 30 Void Shields: 3 Hull Integrity: 217 Space:  217 Power: 102/250 Turret Rating: 2, Weapon Capacity: 3, Crew skill: (Servitor crew) 45

Main components:

  • Plasma core network, archeotech (Distributed), Pow: +250 Space: 100,
  • (3) multiple void shield array, Pow: 9 Space: 2,
  • HQ of Antiquity, Archeotech Pow: 2 Space: 1, +10% Command & Social Skills; +5 Detection,
  • Ancient Life Sustainer, Archeotech, Pow: 2 Space: 2, Increase Morale Permanently by 2; Reduce All Losses to Crew Population (from non-combat sources) by 1
  • Cold Quarters Pow: 4 Space: 5, Once per Game Session, Reduce one Source of Crew Population loss to 0,
  • W-240 passive detection array Pow: 6 Space: 0, +10 Detection, +15 Detection of Ships on Silent Running; +5% Ballistic Skill to hit Vessel; External Component

Additional components:

  • Autonomous Protection Units, Archeotech Pow: 2 Space: 1, +20 to boarding and hit&run actions, ,
  • Heavy Lifter Bay Pow: 1 Space: 2, plus 50 AP on trade, +10% on Hit-n-Run
  • Reinforced Gate, archeotech (Compact) Pow: 0 Space: 1, +4 Armour,
  • Reinforced Walls, archeotech (Imposing) Pow: 0 Space: 4, +3 Hull Integrity
  • Field bracing, archeotech (Swirling Energies) Pow: 1-3 Space: 1, Hull Integrity increased by x2 Power Supplied (max +6),
  • Fire suppression system Pow: 3 Space: 3, If Bridge is powered and undamaged, extinguish one fire in a Component -10% Tech-Use; Once per Strategic Turn
  • Lux Net Pow: +20 Space: 2, Only work on Stationary Vessels inside Solar System; 2 hours to deploy, 10 hours to retract; If move whilst deployed, then Destroyed; +1 DoS for Extended Repairs,
  • Tectonic Control Chamber, archeotech, Pow: 75 Space: 15, Requires Temple of Knowledge to operate UNPOWERED
  • Extended Supply Vault Pow: 1 Space: 4, Increase Morale Permanently by 1; x2 Time Ship can remain in Void without Crew/Morale Loss; +1 Hull Integrity when making Repairs
  • Munitorium Pow: 3 Space: 4, Extra Stuff whilst doing Military Objectives (x0.5); +1 Damage to Macrobatteries; If Component Damaged, Explodes (2d5 Hull Integrity, Another Component on Fire)
  • Manufactorum, archeotech (Compact) Pow: 2 Space: 1, +10% Tech Use for Extended Repairs; +10 Acquisition if Buying Hull Integrity; Extra Stuff whilst doing Trade Objectives (x0.5)
  • Factorium: Best quality, Housing (Cold Quarters, Best quality) Pow: 4 Space: 6,
  • Factorium: Best quality, Gear (Re-breather, Best quality) Pow: 4 Space: 6,
  • Factorium: Best quality, Armor (Flak Greatcoat, Best quality) Pow: 4 Space: 6,
  • Observation Dome, Archeotech (Incalculable Precision) Pow: 0 Space: 1, Extra Stuff whilst doing Exploration Objectives; Increase Morale Permanently by 1
  • Murder Servitors, Archeotech (Imposing) Pow: 1 Space: 1, +20% Hit & Run Action; When determining Critical Hit, can choose any result between 1 and 6, DESTROYED
  • Cogitator Interlink, Archeotech Pow: 1 Space: 1, +5 Crew Rating, DESTROYED
  • Auto-logis Targetter, Archeotech Pow: 5 Space: 0, External Component; +5 Detection; +5% Ballistic Skill, DESTROYED
  • Temple of Knowledge, Archeotech, Pow: 0 Space: 4, DESTROYED
  • Recovery Chambers Pow: 3 Space: 1, Lightly Damaged Patients Pass Medicae 1/hour; Heavily/Critically Damaged Patients Pass Medicae 1/day; Next Game Session, if Fate Point spent 1-2 has no effect,
  • Aqua Reservoir Pow: 1 Space: 2, water tanks, many benefits, also vs. fires (see below)
  • Pneumatic Arterial Pow: 2 Space: 3, allows quick access to various deck and hold (see below)
  • Fortified Rally-points Pow: 1 Space: 2, makes ship easier to defend
  • Cryo Vaults x 20 Pow: 40 Space: 40, from which 3 chambers are active Flak turrets, archeotech(?), Pow: 1 Space: 1, +1 Turret Rating when active; -10 Detection when active


  • Servitor Crew, Replaces Crew with Servitors; -10% Ballistic Skill & Command; Only replenished by Forge/Hive Worlds; Morale always 100, Crew Population losses 1/2; Skill of 40,


Cryo-Vaults Pow: 2 Space: 2
This vessel contains extensive cryo-vaults, which can store additional crew or passengers beyond the standard capacity of the ship. Row upon row of frozen bodies line the crypts, giving the ship the impression of a flying tomb. The crew often spins tales about what occurs in the cryo-vaults, and are innately distrustful of anyone who is woken from them.
Frozen Passengers: When working towards a Trade, Creed, or Military objective, the players may gain an extra 50 Achievement Points towards completing that objective.
Sleeper Crew: Increase Crew Population permanently by 3.
Void Tomb: Reduce Crew Morale permanently by 2.

This device is unbelievably small, given its purpose, or can be folded to fit in places one would not expect to look. Though the techno-arcane rites used to miniaturize its internal workings are long-lost, it remains as an impressive testament to the miraculous knowledge of the Dark Age of Technology.
Ship Component: Its Space requirement is reduced by 4 (to a minimum of 1 if it is Internal or 0 if it is External).

The component is so widely scattered with several fail safes that it cannot be targeted by macrobattery or lance weapons. Only way to attack the component is through particular Boarding Actions but distributed component requires additional +3 DoS to become destroyed.

While none can say why its creators ornamented this device so noticeably, it makes an undeniable impression upon any who see it, reminding them why the Dark Age of Technology is so fabled and so feared.
Ship Component: An ancient and overwhelming testament to ages long past and knowledge long forgotten, this Component grants the vessel’s commanders a +10 bonus to all Intimidate and Command Tests made aboard a vessel upon which it has been installed.

The manufacture of this device was so utterly precise that many users find its exactness disconcerting until they grow used to the greater level of meticulousness in craftsmanship that it displays.
Ship Component: This Component is so finely honed that it draws less power than it might otherwise, takes up a minimum of space, and often makes maintenance unnecessary. Decrease its Size and Power Requirements by 1 (to a minimum of 0). Its presence increases the ship’s Morale by 1, as ratings occasionally find their assigned toil far less onerous than expected.

!GM notes!