Class: Moon of Gravis Major,
Size: Normal
Gravity: Standard
Atmosphere: None
Population: 15.000
Resources: –
Anomalies: High rates of insanity among population


The moon is a desolate and barren place, with a surface that is largely composed of dusty, rocky terrain. However, in certain regions of the moon, there are strange formations that have puzzled astronomers since the arrival – vast and deep lakes of rock dust that shimmer and dance in the harsh light of the sun.

These lakes are not made of water, but rather of a fine, powdery substance that is created by the constant bombardment of meteorites and other space debris on the moon’s surface. Over time, this dust has accumulated in certain areas, creating vast, shallow depressions that resemble the smooth, glassy surface of a lake.

Despite their beauty, these rock dust lakes are treacherous places, as the fine particles that make up the dust are easily disturbed and can be kicked up into the air by even the slightest movement. This can make it difficult for Astra Militarum and other explorers to navigate the area safely, as visibility can be greatly reduced in a matter of seconds.

However, these lakes are also fascinating places to study, as they offer a unique window into the geology and history of the moon. By analyzing the composition of the rock dust and studying the patterns of its distribution, scientists could learn more about the processes that have shaped the moon’s surface over billions of years.

In the dim light of the moon, these lakes of rock dust are a haunting and otherworldly sight, a reminder of the vast and hidden world that lies beneath the feet of Imperial explorers..

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