Gravis Minor


Class: Rock planet
Size: Small
Gravity: Standard
Atmosphere: Terran
Resources: Archeotech

Anomalies: Haze of nanocrystals, Archaotech marvels, Permanent visible light conditions

“EF-188”mechanicus research station Habitat: Mechanicus research station

Skulking City

Labyrinth Mountain STC vault

Subterranean HQ

Forest of ancient mechadendrites

-Pilgrim site of Tech-Priests of the EF-118.
-The ground is fused with masses of half formed and fractured mechadendrites, optic cables, cogitator units, energy storages and tech traps.
-Dilapidated mechadendrites of small to gargantuan size “growing” from and around surface of the planet.
-Signs of opposing mechadendrites struggling and constricting each other.


Sphere of Cauldron is area where suns gravitational currents and radiation bursts are strongest. As blue giants radiate strongly in UV spectrum it’s light can be damaging to biological life. Also gravitational disturbances of sun make piloting on Cauldron area Challenging.

!GM notes!