-Imperial penal colony located to planet Nothus

-Founded by Imperial Navy 798.M41.

-Ancient and large STC arcology at toxic atmosphere.

-The penal colony is currently supplying the Imperial Navy and other visiting Imperial star vessels with crew reinforcements.

-The prisoners, waiting to reinforce star vessel crews, are used as prospectors for collecting minerals from the lowlands located to the equator of the planet and as labor for penal colony’s chemical procession facility.

-Colony is located within ancient STC dome structures pre-dating foundation of the penal colony. The arcology is mostly empty as current amount of prisoners barely populate one of the hive domes.

-Colony has a contract with Chorda Dynasty for the mineral production of the penal colony.

Harsh verdicts of the Imperial law dictated by Judge Mordechai at the system deprive the penal colony of normal Imperial prisoners and Chorda Dynasty supplies the new prisoners to the penal colony.

Notable characters:
Vladir Prison warden
Morcutor Rune-priest

Speed: — Manoeuvrability: — Detection: 0
Armour: 10 Void Shields: — Habitat Integrity: 40
Space: 100 Power: 45 Turret Rating: 1
Weapon Capacity: — Crew rate: 25

Population: 575.000/10.000.000

Pow output: +45 Pow consumption: 23 Reserve: +22
Space used: 42/100

Essential components:

  • Fusion core Industrial configuration Pow: +45 Space: 6
  • Prison HQ/Bridge Pow: 2 Space: 2, +10 scrutiny checks, +20 to command checks vs mutiny/rebellion.
  • M-1 life sustainer Pow: 4 Space: 2
  • Quard Quarters Pow: 1 Space: 2, +20 to command checks vs mutiny/rebellion
  • M-100 augur array Pow: 3 Space: 0

Supplemental components:

  • Chemical procession facility Pow: 4 Space: 6, quality poor
  • Medicae Deck Pow: 2 Space: 1
  • Imperial Figurehead Pow: 1 Space: 0, donated by Judge Mordechai
  • 20X Hive Dome Pow: 1 Space: 80, 19 of them are UNPOWERED
  • Luxury quarters Pow: 2 Space: 1
  • Lighter Bay Pow: 1 Space: 1
  • Fortified Rally-points, concentrated to the control room of the active hive dome.


  • Minefield Pow: 1 Space: 0


  • Ancient Arcology: was not originally designed to hold prisoners. Fortified Rally-point controls the power and life sustainers and if prisoners do not comply they can be forced with attrition to submission. But within the hive dome the prisoners rule themselves.
  • Toxic atmosphere: gives -5 to detection checks of the arcology.
  • Easy to spot: Focused augury automatically reveals hive domes as they are visible beyond planetary sphere.

New components:

Hive Dome Pow: 1 Space: 4 (foundation, actual height 300 meters), Scarce
-Gravity bound, suitable for surface habitatations only.
-Component has independent life sustainer.
-Is able to house 1 million citizens.
-Visible component and detected by augury automatically.
-Requires supply of air, water and nuclear fuel.
-Space: 40, divided between structural reinforcement space: 10, housing projects space 20, essential components space: 9, sumplemental components space: 1

Pow: 8/8 Space: 40/40

Essential components:
pcs Genatorium Fissio Pow: +2 Space: 1
Control Room Space: 1 Pow: 1
Hive Life Sustainer Pow: 6 Space: 4

Suplemental components: (Pow: 1 and Space: 1 available)
-Common components are Shrine to God-Emperor, Imperial figurehead, Scholarium, Librarium Vault, Trophy Room or Crew Reclamation Facility.


Easy to spot: Focused augury automatically reveals hive towers as they are visible beyond planetary sphere.

!GM notes!