Imperial Navy Commander Elmeh

commander 2

-Decorated fleet commander veteran stationed on his retirement post.

-Highest ranking Imperial Navy officer stationed at Ultima Tectum.

-Provided planetary blockade to Gravis Major for 2 years from request of Judge Mordechai. 818.M41

-Provided aerial support during “Native insurgency” campaign at Gravis Major 819.M41.

-Provided aerial support for “Archeotech Horribilis” campaign at gravis Major 819.M41

-Provided aerial support for “No Prayer” campaign at Gravis Major 820.M41

-Was nearly poisoned by unknown operator 820.M41. He was treated at Avaritas space station against official complaint of Judge Mordechai.

Allies: Imperial Navy, Judge Mordechai

Adversaries: Rogue Traders, Psykers, Pirates, Curatorix Mordio, Curatorix Hemlock,

Location: HQ of Gloria Lapidarius

!GM notes!