Story so far…


Astropathic message 821.M41:

Sent by Inquisitor Victoria Aldrich to Administratum Scholar Albrecht Bruegel, Callidus Temple Assassin Airene Mielke, Sanctioned Psyker Castor Drusus Ignatio and Adeptus Mechanicus Logis Biocogitatus 55/1 Ptolemy Vosk.

Initial briefing

You are ordered to cease your current operation and are assigned to a new task force, which gathers at Port Wander and heads to system of Ultima Tectum to carry on an investigation of the highest priority.

Contact to Task Force Anvil, which was conducting the same investigation, has been lost and it can be assumed that someone or ones in the system do not hesitate to act with deadly force against the agents of holy Inquisition.

Extreme subtlety, in the beginning of the operation, is required. Thus Task Force must detain on use of the Inquisitorial authority and resources, unless it can be used covertly. To enhance the security of Task Force ? each member is  provided with false Imperial Cognomens suitable for the current operation and war chest worth of 25 Influence for each acolyte.

Operation goals

  • Infiltration: Establish, in secret, the headquarters, the network of agents and puppets and the suitable resources in the Ultima Tectum system for a later use during the operation.
  • Investigation: Gather evidence, which incriminates Grand Master Aurora Orlov, either directly or through actions of her minions for the purpose of coming trial and condemnation. Reveal and locate her deeds and whereabouts and other main perpetrators of Orlova’s operations. 
  • Apprehension: When Infiltration and Investigation operations have succeeded and Aurora Orlova located the Inquisitor Victoria Aldrich will initiate raids against Orlova’s operations to arrest Aurora Orlova and her main underlings.

Mandate sanctioned by inquisitor Victoria Aldrich

Bring the Heretic and All Who Stand By Him To Justice  – Mandate instruct their bearer to capture Inquisitorial Grand Master Aurora Orlov and her underlings, so they may be questioned and led to repentance. The authorized holder Task Force Tempus Malleus can take into custody anyone who opposes their operation goals and detain, interrogate or execute them.

Raw notes of gaming sessions

Reports to Inquisitor Victoria Aldrich