Maximus Aplha level psyker

Maximus, Augmented Alpha level psyker

-Maximus of Grand Falls, heir in line of succession of noble house of Grand Falls, born 806.M41.

-Alpha level psyker whose abilities had been dulled by expensive medication by his noble family. That way the family was able to get him through psychic screening

-Hyper-intelligent tech-savant who is familiar with Imperial technology.

-Judge Mordechai confiscates his surveillance kite during opening ritual of Imperial Friendship Bridge.

-Runs away from from Fortress-manor of his family 818.M41.

-Family places a bounty on knowledge of his whereabouts 818.M41.

-Located by astropath Martün Underberg to Mechanicus research vessel commanded by Genetor Magos Dominus Von Trotha 820.M41. Location not revealed to the family.

-Has been augmented with cybernetic arm and Mechanicus Implants. (Electoo Inductors, Cranial Circuitry and Potentia Coil)

Location: Mechanicus research vessel “Omnissiah’s Probe” on orbit of the sun of Ultima Tectum at cauldron.

!GM only!