“Providence of Alfmed”

Imperial commercial colony

Location: Arctic continent

Population: 100.000 citizens

Speed: NA
: NA
: -10
Hull Integrity: Equals space used by installed components
Armour: 5
Turret Rating:
Space: No maximum
SP: 0
Weapon Capacity: 1 weapon platform
Power: +30

Essential components:

  • Fission core Pow: +30 Space: 3, Industrial configuration
  • Commerce Headquarters Pow: Space:
  • Imperial Housing Pow: Space:

Supplemental components:

  • Barracks Pow: 2 Space: 4 , arbitratorial troops.
  • Pisces auto-factory Pow: Space:

Under the atmosphere: Detection has been reduced by -10. Reduce caused and received lance damage by 2
Gravity well: If habitat is affected by normal or heavy gravity reduce macrobattery accuracy by 5.
Structure prone to critical hits: Decrease Crit Rating of a weapons targeting the habitat by 1.
Spreading: Size of a habitat is limited only by the power output of the habitat’s core.
Open layout: Hard to defend against boarding (-10 to defensive boarding command checks). Easy fire control (+10 bonus to put out fires).
Bound to ground: Offensive boarding actions against star vessels require a landing strip, a spaceport or other component able to launch a boarding actions.

!GM notes!