Enginseer Strabolus


Enginseer Strabolus

-Hyper-rationalist Ordo Logi Adeptus Mechanicus (Tech-priest rank 4)

-Magos Dominus of mechanicus research station EF-118 founded by Thule explorator fleet at ???.M41.

-Has declared Gravis Minor as holy planet of Omnissiah and denied imperial colonization of the planet.

-Claims to Specialist Gödel that he has heard the voice of Omnissih personally at the Gravis Minor.

-Launches Mechanicus expedition 818.M41 to planet’s surface after preparation for a few centuries. Gained immense amount of precious data from Mechanicus expedition’s noospheric recordings and several undamaged miracles of Golden Age of Technology.

-Under investigation of Judge Mordechai for tech heresy.

-Launches Mechanicus expedition 821.M41 to claim archaotech secrets of Gravis Minor before arrival of rival Mechanic Faction.

Gear: Enhanced potentia coil: power station, servo-drill, savant servo-skulls, omnispexs, rad-censer, optical mechadendrite, MIU implants,

Notable underlings:

Homo Legatus Perdiolus

Ancient Skitarii commander 101

Skitarii officer 1064

Location: HQ of EF-118 at Gravis Minor

!GM only!