NPC Judge Mordechai

Home world: Imperial agriworld Vyn-8 Calixis Sector, present state Forbidden world after Exterminatus 806.M41

Career: Menial Labor -> Conscripted Arbitratus at Vyn-8 805.M41 -> Arbitatorial patent of appointment 816.M41 -> Judge of Ultima Tectum system 819.M41

-Arbitratorial patent of appointment of Judge Mordechai

-Lex Mordechai, the clarifications of an interpretation of the Imperial Law affecting the Ultima Tectum system.

Operation of Task Force Anvil: They extracted Judge Mordechai 818.M41 and ran several counter-hypnodoctrination mind alterations attempts. Original doctrination conducted by Aurora Orlov to her acolytes was too strong and attempt to recruit Judge Mordechai to Victoria Eldrich’s cause failed.

Associates: Specialist Gödel, Martün the Sane, Brother-militant Makbae, Commander Elmeh, Conciliatorix Boltazar

Rivals: Cardinal Humer, Prison-warden Vladir, Chorda Dynasty, Commander Ardman, Confederation of Light,

Location: Precinct-fortress of Sphaera Imperator

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