Merchant Alfmed


-Founder (798.M41) and owner of “Best Imperial Pies” .

-Started as minor street vendor of hand-made pies at promenade of Canor Sol star fortress.

-At opening ceremonies (819.M41) of precinct-fortress of Sphaera Imperator his wild auroch pie was a huge success and he was able to secure Merchant Trade Warrant for his family lineage.

-Arbitratorial archives show profound audit of his commerce 820.M41.

-Has nominated his son and daughter as leaders on his colonies Providence of Alfmed and Bullion of Alfmed.

Associates: Imperial navy, Judge Mordechai, Colony-leader Mermed, Colony Leader Urmed

Adversaries: Chorda Dynasty, Mayor Usindra, Conciliatorix Simion

Location: Promenade of Canor Sol

!GM notes!