Cardinal Humer

cardinal humer

-Highest ecclesiarchical authority of the system. Except for Gravis Major which is jurisdiction of brother-militant Makbae by rights of Missionarus Galaxia.

-Enjoys high quality rejuvenation programs offered by Chorda dynasty.

-Belongs to Armormant sect of Imperial creed.

-Trusts to heavily on cherubae and child labour.

-Has been pouring tithe funds for building an Imperial cathedral “Immaculate Truth“. Cathedral is ready for sermons 822.M41

-Blockade of Gravis Major comlicates acquirement of necessary building materials for the void cathedral.

-Fined Judge Mordechai for 20 tax factors for operating precinct-fortresses not blessed by ecclesiarchy. 819.M41

-Makes uneasy truce of influence with Judge Mordechai to control zealots of Confederation of Light to endanger Imperial festivities at Sphaera Imperator.

-Gives addicts a choice between penal colony or execution. Has been trying to shut down operations of “Club Avarice” for several years

-Cathedral of Immaculate Truth has been targeted several times unsuccessfully by saboteur Wolfhart who has employed by Judge Mordechai with untraceable Thrones.

-Echo in the Immaterium caused by actions of Cardinal Humer. Vision of enormous ornated glass window, the fiery blue sun and an empty ecclesiarchical pulpit. Theodor Cadizky. 820.M41

Associates: High Judge Gregory, Inquisitor Grand-master Aurora Orlov, Headmaster Idiomias, Prison Warden Vladir

Adversaries: Brother-militant Makbae, Judge Mordechai, Penintant Clarissa, Clan Bethel, Veiled Ugrippa, Confederation of Light, Club Avarice

Location: Auto-temple of Avaritas industrial star fortress

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