Cardinal Humer

cardinal humer

-Highest ecclesiarchical authority of the system. Except for Gravis Major which is on jurisdiction of brother-militant Makbae by rights of Missionarus Galaxia.

-Receives high quality rejuvenation programs offered by Chorda dynasty.

-Belongs to Armormant sect of Imperial creed.

-Trusts heavily to cherubae and child labour.

-Has been pouring tithe funds for building an Imperial cathedral “Immaculate Truth“. Cathedral is ready for sermons 822.M41

-Blockade of Gravis Major complicated acquirement of necessary building materials for the void cathedral during blockade of Gravis major 818-819.M41.

-He fined Judge Mordechai for 20 tax factors for operating precinct-fortresses without blessing by ecclesiarchy. 819.M41

-Makes uneasy truce of influence with Judge Mordechai to control zealots of Confederation of Light that endanger Imperial festivities at Sphaera Imperator 819.M41.

-Militants of Armormant sect collect addicts and send them to penal colony at Nothus. Any dealers of illicit substances are execute on pyre. Cardinal has been trying to shut down operations of “Club Avarice” for several years.

Associates: High Judge Gregory, Inquisitor Grand-master Aurora Orlov, Headmaster Idiomias, Prison Warden Vladir

Adversaries: Brother-militant Makbae, Judge Mordechai, Penintant Clarissa, Clan Bethel, Confederation of Light, Club Avarice

Location: Auto-temple of Avaritas industrial star fortress

!GM notes!