Louis, Heir of Grand Falls


-Prodigal son of Isolte of Grand Falls.

-Arrested by Judge Mordechai at recidivist gathering at “Freedom Cafe” Canor Sol 817.M41. Sentenced for a year of hard labor in logging camp at Gravis Major.

-Served as an officer at “Archeotech Horribilis” campaign 819.M41

-Commanded military campaign against Xeno Stryxis at Gravis Major 821.M41. Decorated as an Liberator of The Ultima Tectum.

Associates: Curatorix Mordio, Pilot Gerbeh, Captain Trantor, Captain Ingram Technomat Blunt, Judge Mordechai

Adversaries: Prison Warden Vladir, Void Union, Cardinal Humer

Location: Luxury Quarters of Manor-fortress of Grand Falls.

!GM notes!