Player notes


Imperial Mandate for Judge Mordechai, announced 816.M41 by Provost General Vespasian Demeris
Tax factor of arbitrator, income and expenses of Ultima Tectum’s court of Justice.
Arbitrator fleet, shuttles and star vessels available for arbitrator operations.
Black book of Justice, records of suspicious individuals and plain heretics.
Drug policies of the system, doctrines of controlled substances.
Evidence locker of precinct-fortress, collection of clues, evidence and secrets.
Incarceration cells of precinct-fortress, band of heretics and criminals.
Data-chest of precinct-fortress, collection of various data about system activities.

Ultima Tectum

Notable characters, the known major NPCs of the system.
Factions at the system, the known organizations of the system
Arbitrator enforcers, barracks and troops, the army of Justice.
Agents, vassals, allies, diplomats, rivals and enemies, the shadow war of influence
Imperial history of Ultima Tectum, the administrative records of the system.
Bounties, the active and past cold trade rewards for the system.
Imperial reports and quotes, collection of Imperial reports within the system and Imperial quotes.
System population attitudes and designated faith for NPCs
System space traffic, star vessels regularly visiting the system.
Void battles of Ultima Tectum, Imperial records of the void battles fought in the system.
Warpscape of Ultima Tectum (Psykers only)
Techdata (Mechanicus only)
Sound of the system, official and rogue vox broadcasts and live performances of the system.
Industrial production of Ultima Tectum
History of Koronus Expanse

Equipment and components:

Shuttle design, a guideline for system shuttles.
List of components used in habitats, space stations and space ships, collection from all official Rogue Trader books and some more.
New components, a components developed or edited for Ultima Tectum campaign.
Armament list, compilation of weapons, armor, ammo and qualities from WH 40K RPGs.
Equipment, a list of equipment from official RT, DH and DH2 official books.
Designs of Imperial habitation, surface habitats, STC arcologies, void habitats, void stations and STC star fortresses.
Star ship hulls, common Imperial star vessels based on STC designs from official Rogue Trader books.
Component special qualities, expansion to Rogue Trader components.
Map symbols, door symbols on habitat/vessel maps.

Additional rules:

Expanded boarding, additional rules for void combat.
Legends of Expanse, additional levels for Rogue Trader basic characters
New skills, talents and traits Converted from DH to RT.

Imperial society:

The Assignment, Imperial measuring system of Psychic Power.

Aging of Imperial citizens, average lifespans and available rejuvenation therapies.
Imperial monetary system, standards of local currencies and Imperial commerce
Imperial Creed, Saints, holy days, doctrine collected and edited for the Ultima Tectum campaign.
Imperial Mandates
Imperial Tarot
Citizen’s Security Identification: Cognomen, an administrative population census and Imperial psychic screening.
Drugs in Imperial society, a controlled and a forbidden substances.
Common sects of Imperial Creed
Path from Puritanism to Radicalism

Player characters:

Imperial Judge Mordechai (Character 3.2.2019)
Genetor Corpus Illuminator Specialist Gödel (Rank: 2) (Character 3.2.2019)
Astropath Primus Martün Underberg (Character 3.2.2019)

Random things:

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Work in Progress:
Imperial Calendar