Secrets of Adeptus Mechanicus

Ultima Tectum

Trophy room, EF-118, Gravis Minor
Temple of Infinite-valued Logic, Sphaera Imperator, Penitus Balteus
Temple of Knowledge, Vault Alpha, Gravis Major
Laboratory Annexes, Emplastrum Aegis, Penitus Balteus
Mechanicus Cruiser “Omnissiah’s Probe“, Orbits the sun at Cauldron

STC system

Modularity of Imperial technology, underlying guidelines of building, repair and use of STC designs.
Standard Template Construct system, the pinnacle of designs and production methods from the dark age of technology.
STC terraforming, lost methodology and key species.

STC equipment and infrastructure essential for the Imperium

STC power production, auxiliary, genatorium, core and drive designs.
Servitors and automatons
STC power cell, designs for a portable and rechargable power storage.
STC Land tile, habitation artificial gravity upgrade.

STC information technology infrastructure

STC machine languages, uses and distinctions of the different tech-languages.
STC noospheric space and mind impulse unit (MIU), digital reality and it’s interface.
STC data storage, the data cube and data storage designs.
STC cogitators, the analog cogitator and the digital cogitator and computational designs.

Mechanicus armoury

Dataspike, specialiced weapon for a data-thief or a code-infiltrator.
Tech-priest weapons home-brew 1
Techpriest weapons home-brew 2
Attack against machine trait
Ark Mechanicus hull

Mechanicus and Imperium

Mechanicus Historys
Mechanicus dogma
Factions of tech-priests
The path of Quest of Knowledge, steps of STC restoration and original research.
Forge worlds of Calixis Sector and the Imperium
Map: Bastions of the Machine God
Mechanical form of a tech-priest, collection of Adeptus Mechanicus talents and cybernetics common among tech-priests.
Mechanicus home-brew sourcebook

Alternate Mechanicus careers

Calixian malatek, Lathes page
Techsorcist, Daemon Hunter page
Genetor, In To The Storm page
Magos Dominus, Mechanicus Homebrew
Archmagos, Mechanicus Homebrew
Arch-Heretek, Hostile Acquisitions page
Heretek Savant, Radical’s Handbook page
Dataproctor, Servants of the Machine God, edited for Ultima Tectum campaign