Hexagrammic and pentagrammic warding

-Gives a temporal protection against the psychic disciples, the daemons and the forces of the Warp. One of the greatest tools of the Imperium against the chaos and it’s minions.

A hexagrammic and pentagrammic warding are variations of a same ward and both of them give base protection against corrupting forces from the warp. Hexagrammic warding grants additional bonus versus psykers and pentagrammic grants additional bonus versus Daemons.

-It’s origin is a mystery: Legacy from the dark age of technology, learned from the Eldar race, revealed by the Emperor’s wisdom, based on Enuncia or… Up to the GM.

-Crafting of a a hexagrammic ward requires skill Forbidden lore: Warp and crafting a pentagrammic ward requires skill Forbidden lore: Daemonology.

-A hexagrammic wards can also be used by heretics, warlocks and rogue psykers. Pentagrammic wards burn the flesh and minds of abominations and can only be used by individuals that have not aligned themselves with the ruinous powers.

-If a target protected by the hexagrammic warding is assaulted by a psychic forces, a force weapons or a raw forces of the warp then the hexagrammic warding can sustain protection against that power for a while.

-If a target protected by a pentagrammic warding is assaulted by daemonic powers, daemonic weapons or raw forces of the warp pentagrammic warding can sustain protection against that power for a while.

-The ward turns a force affecting it to heat and when the ward is overwhelmed by a force it combusts and chars the material that a ward has been inscribed to.


Hexagrammic sign, gesture, Half action, Duration: 1 round, Eisenhorn books
-Successful willpower check -20 check delays one affecting force for a round. It can be re-used next turn to continue delaying affecting force. When sign wears off attacking force reaches it’s target unless user of attacking force is dead.
-Talent pre-requisites: Scholastic lore: Occult and Forbidden lore: Warp.


“Once the pieces are in place, there are two steps to creating a daemonhost. First, the actual bindings detailed in the instruction tome must be applied to the victim’s body. This is done by inscribing the pentagrammic wards and phrases of containment directly onto the skin. The inscribing can be done in simple ink—although considering the terrible consequences should the wards have even the slightest flaw, most prefer a medium that cannot be carelessly smeared or altered, such as tattoos or scarification. Once this is done, additional bindings such as sanctified chains and locks, purity needles, and sigils of authority are added to the victim as well.”
-Human sacrifice, ritual, duration: permanent
-Pentagrammic ritual requires Scholastic lore: Occult and Forbiddem lore: Daemonology.


Hexagrammic tattoo Extremely rare. Eisenhorn books
-Item with constant effect. Usually tattooed to head under hair to hide it.
-Delays affecting force for 1 round. Good quality 2 rounds, best quality 2 rounds and +10 to willpower checks.
-When overpowered it will burst to flame. Stamina check versus gaining a wound.

Hexagrammic symbol Extremely rare
-Worn as a amulet or a headdress. Item has constant effect while worn.
-Delays affecting force for 1 round, +10 WP vs psykers. Good quality 2 rounds. Best quality 2 rounds and +20 to WP vs psyker.

Hexagrammatic Wards  Extremely Rare EWI page 49
-Can be inscribed to a carapace or a power armor.
-Armor ignores a Warp Weapon quality, provides double AP against psychic powers, and adds +20 on tests to resist psychic attacks

Pentagrammic Wards Extremely Rare EBY 44
-Any armor or garment
-Inflicts damage on Daemonic enemies in melee. The wards are destroyed if the target passes a -20 Willpower test with 4+ Degrees of Success.

Purity Wards Unique
The new Grey Knight is implanted with silver hexagrammic and pentagrammic Purity Wards under his skin which cover his entire body and help to prevent daemonic entities from touching or contaminating him.


Hexagrammic suppression cells Power 2 Space 1 SP 2
“A block of heavily warded chambers designed to contain all but the most potent psychic phenomena. The armored cells can function as either prison or shelter as needed.”
Rumors of Warpcraft: Decrease a habitation or a vessel morale permanently by 3.
Warp Containment: When traveling through the Warp, roll on the Warp Travel Encounters chart only once every full 10 days (minimum of one roll per trip).
Dark Harvest: When working toward any objective, the players earn an additional 100 Achievement Points toward completing that objective if the Game Master decides the transport, confinement, or protection of psykers is directly involved in the task.
-Is able to contain raging powers of alpha level psyker. Contains six separate cells.
-Walls of the component are infused with warding inscribed to heat resistant materials and huge cryogenerator is included for providing necessary protection against overheating of the warding.

Warpsbane hull Pow: 1 Space: 0, Very rare Rogue Trader page 199
“The entire hull of the vessel is covered with silver, hand-inscribed hexagrammic wards. These reinforce a Geller Field projected from a 50 meter statue of an Imperial Saint, located just fore of the bridge.”
-Component is capable to protect star vessel from raging storms of warp.
-Knowledge of their creation is becoming rare as gellar field has become imperial standard.

Other methods to counter psyker and daemonic powers

Null bay Pow: 3 Space: 2 Hostile Acquisition page 73
“These forbidding chambers are lined with rare and exotic psychically neutral materials. The gleaming black walls of the cells in these holds are capable of containing all but
the most powerful psykers in relative safety, though Rogue Traders should ask themselves why they would want a hold full of psykers in the first place. Certain organizations have uses for unsanctioned psykers, but the Ordo Hereticus takes
an aggressive interest in those who dabble in such a trade.”
The unscrupulous Rogue Trader Horak Ilganus was drawn, quartered, then placed in stasis at the moment of his death (so he may live forever in agony) by a cabal of Inquisitors on Fenksworld after he purchased just one of these bays.
Witch hold: This hold allows transport of up to 100 psykers in solitary containment cells. When secured in a cell, all Focus Power Tests made to activate psychic abilities (or
any other tests involving warp powers such as a test to use a Navigator’s warp eye) suffer a –60 penalty. When working towards an appropriate Criminal Objective, the players earn an additional 50 Achievement Points towards completing that objective.
The Keening: Whenever this bay is in use, decrease Morale by 3 as a result of the psychic residue of misery from its prisoners.

Jokaerian Field Near unique Daemonhunter page 72
This odd Jokaero altered Imperial force field operates on similar technologies to the massive Gellar Fields that protect vessels while in Warp transit. Inquisitors of the Calixian Ordo Malleus prize this rare and practical device as a means for defense against Warp entities.The Force Field only functions against psychic attacks, but provides its defense against all psychic powers, even friendly ones, that originate more than 5 meters from the user. In addition, any creature with the Daemonic trait that passes or remains within 5 meters of the user suffers 1d10 damage that ignores armour and Toughness Bonus.

Unguents of Warding, Common, Daemonhunter page 76
These blessed and pungent ointments may be used to scribe sacred rituals and litanies of protection onto armour, which grant the bearer a measure of protection against Warp entities and psychic attacks. Inscribing the unguents onto armour takes 10 minutes per location and each location must be warded. A single pot of unguents is enough to grant protection to one armour location. Inscribing the unguents requires a Hard (–20) Scholastic Lore (Occult) or Scholastic Lore (Imperial Creed) Test for each location. Failure means the runes and litanies must be cleaned off and started again. Any character who is warded gains a +20 bonus to Tests to resist Fear from Daemonic entities and +10 to all Willpower Tests to resist psychic powers. Wards last for one month, though their benefits may be removed earlier at the GM’s discretion (if the character is set on fire, doused in water, or other effect that would remove the Unguents of Warding).