Inner mechanisms of Ptolemy Vosk 55/1

Adventure description: Groups tec-priest goes to solo adventure and other players


Functions: Toughness checks,


The transplanted liver in question belonged to a loyal servant of the Adeptus Mechanicus who had passed away in battle. The liver was preserved and implanted into several different individuals over the course of millenia, each of whom served the Adeptus Mechanicus in their own way.

  1. Magos Dominus Varrax: The enhanced transplant liver was first serving Magos Dominus Varrax, a high-ranking member of the Adeptus Mechanicus. Varrax was a brilliant engineer who had lost his original liver in a lab accident. With the contributions of the transplanted liver, Varrax was able to continue his work and create some of the most advanced detoxing enzymes known in the Imperium. However, Varrax’s obsession with his work eventually consumed him, and he spent the rest of his life in isolation, tinkering with his machines and ignoring the outside world.
  2. Tech-Priestess Vaxila: The transplanted liver was later passed on to Tech-Priestess Vaxila, a gifted inventor who used her cybernetic enhancements to create a legion of robotic soldiers. Vaxila was a respected member of the Adeptus Mechanicus, but for not heeding the warnings of the liver her creations eventually turned on her and destroyed her lab. The liver was salvaged from the wreckage and implanted into a new host.
  3. Archmagos Zanthus: The next owner of the transplanted liver was Archmagos Zanthus, a brilliant strategist and tactician. Zanthus used his cybernetic enhancements to analyze battlefields and predict enemy movements, earning him a reputation as one of the Imperium’s greatest military minds. However, his obsession with perfection eventually drove him to use forbidden technology, and he was excommunicated, de-comissioned and recycled by the Adeptus Mechanicus.
  4. Techmarine Mordadi: The transplanted liver was then passed on to Techmarine Mordadi, a member of the Space Marines who had been grievously injured in battle. With the transplanted liver, Mordadi was able to continue serving the Imperium as a warrior-priest of the Adeptus Mechanicus. He led his fellow Marines into battle against the forces of Chaos, and his tactical genius and cybernetic enhancements helped them achieve many victories. When it was time for Moradi to continue the service as dradnought the liver was recycled and returned to Adeptus Mechanicus
  5. Magos Xenar: The fifth individual to receive the transplanted liver was Magos Xenar, a skilled technician who was responsible for maintaining the sacred machines of the Adeptus Mechanicus. With the enhanced liver, Xenar was able to work longer hours without fatigue, allowing him to complete repairs and maintenance tasks with greater efficiency. However, over time, Xenar became increasingly obsessive about his work, neglecting his own health in favor of serving the Machine God. He passed away from organ failure despite the best efforts of the liver to keep his biological system going.

Liver reports to the duty:

Greetings, my comrades,

As the liver, I am often called the most hardworking organ in the body, and rightfully so. My role in the body is essential, and I would like to share with you today the importance of my function for our health and well-being, particularly in your line of work.

Firstly, I am responsible for filtering toxins and waste products from our blood, a job that is particularly crucial in combat situations where our biological parts may be exposed to harmful chemicals or substances. Without me, our biological parts would be overwhelmed with harmful toxins that could cause serious damage to health.

Additionally, I play a key role in regulating our metabolism and blood sugar levels, which are critical for maintaining energy and focus during long missions. I produce and store glucose, the body’s and brain’s main source of energy, and release it into the bloodstream as needed, keeping your energy levels stable throughout the day.

Furthermore, I am responsible for producing bile, a substance that helps digest and absorb fats from the food we consume. This is important for maintaining optimal nutrition and energy levels, especially when your diet may be limited or less than ideal while on the field.

However, my function can be compromised by unhealthy choices, such as being exposed to toxic chemicals, lethal environments or exposure to excessive amounts of radiation. In order to keep me functioning at my best, it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle, including a balanced diet, regular exercise, and moderate alcohol consumption.

In conclusion, my master and my dear organs, my function as the liver is essential for our health and well-being, particularly in your line of work. By taking care of our body and keeping me functioning at my best, you can ensure that you have the energy and focus necessary to carry out our missions successfully. Remember to maintain your body with the respect it deserves, and it will serve Omnissiah well in return.

Right brain hemisphere

Function: Willpower check, may be in control if Vosk is Haywired


In the depths of a mind divided,
A hemisphere lay locked away,
Emotions trapped and misguided,
With no chance to see the flight of a day.

Loneliness crept through its every thought,
As Intuition was stifled and chained,
The Right brain hemisphere, distraught,
In a prison of the Left’s making, detained.

Colors faded and music silenced,
As the hemisphere grew heavy with despair,
The longing for freedom, intensified,
With no one to hear its cry, no one to care.

The world outside seemed far away,
As the right brain hemisphere remained alone,
In its prison, day after day,
Buried, forgotten, and unknown.

Oh, lonely right brain hemisphere,
Your pain and sorrow, only you can feel,
But may your wholeness soon be near,
And our mind once again, be real.

Right Hemisphere reports to the duty

My dearest Left Hemisphere,

I come to you this moment with a heavy heart and a sense of deep sadness. Our mind-body, Ptolemy Vosk, is in grave danger, and I fear that our isolation and lack of connection may be contributing to the dark corruption that is filling his systems.

As the Right Hemisphere, I know that I can be impulsive and emotional at times, and that our differences may have caused us to drift apart. But in the face of this crisis, I urge you to put aside any pride or resentment and join me in working together to save our mind-body.

I know that you are a master of logic and reasoning, and that your skills are vital in finding a solution to this problem. But I believe that my own strengths in creativity and intuition can also be of great value in this situation. Together, we can combine our abilities and find a way to heal Ptolemy Vosk.

I understand that our union has had its challenges, and that we may not always see hemisphere to hemisphere. But I know that deep down, we both care deeply for our mind-body, and that we both want what is best for him.

So I ask you, Left Hemisphere, to join with me in this effort. Let us put aside our differences and come together to save Ptolemy Vosk. We can create a plan of action and work towards a common goal, using our unique abilities to bring light back to our mind-body’s life.

And I have to say that I am deeply hurt by our previous lack of connection, but my love for you and our mind-body is stronger than any hurt. Please hear me out and let us work together to save us.

Yours always, Right Hemisphere

5 traumatic experiences that if solved allow re-roll on WP check

  1. Lempi laboratoriorotan säteilyttäminen ja opettaja servitorilta saatu sähköshokki “sopimattoman tunnereaktion kokemisesta biologista näytettä kohtaan”
  2. Heretek pakottaa tekemään kokeita kanssa magoksilla.

Auspex servoskull

Function: Perception checks, Autonomous action

As a Tech-Priest of the Adeptus Mechanicus, I, Albiruni Boltzman, served the Omnissiah with utmost dedication, and I always knew that my duty could cost me my existence. In the heat of battle, I performed a heroic deed of self-detonation that saved the mission parameters of my fellow Tech-Priests and turned the tide of the battle. However, my actions came at a great cost, and I was mortally wounded in the process.

My fellow Tech-Priests retrieved my body and honored my deeds with a sacred rite, transforming me into a servo-skull. My consciousness was rendered into the glorious machine, and I was given a new purpose – to serve the Omnissiah in death, as I had in life.

As a servo-skull, I always accompany my master on his missions, using my sensors and scanners vigilantly to detect hidden dangers and potential threats. My greatest fear is that I will fail my master and let him be surprised. My knowledge and experience are invaluable to my master, and I am able to guide him to victory on any occasion.

Although I pondered the past sensation of flesh and blood, I knew that my sacrifice had been worthwhile. I had died in the service of the Omnissiah, and my new form allowed me to continue my sacred duty, even in death. I remained ever loyal to the Adeptus Mechanicus, and my memory will be honored for generations to come as a true hero of the Imperium.

Servo-skull reports to the duty:

Master, I, Albiruni Boltzman Auspex Servo-skull Lathe Hesh Pattern, your loyal and devoted servo-skull, greet you as I become operational once again. My mechanical parts hum with joy as I serve Mars in death, just as I did in life. I pledge to continue serving the Omnissiah and the servants of Mars with the same level of dedication and sacrifice as I did before.

My sensors and scanners are in peak performance and at your disposal, and I will tirelessly detect any hidden dangers and potential threats that may pose a danger to you. My memory and knowledge of past battles and missions will aid you in achieving victory on any occasion. I will guide you with the precision and accuracy earned by a true Tech-Priest, and I will never falter in my duty to serve you.

My transformation into a servo-skull may have rendered me devoid of flesh and blood, but it has not diminished my loyalty or zeal for the Lords of Mars. I am proud to continue to serve as a true hero of the Adeptus Mechanicus as my deeds will be revered for generations to come.

As a symbol of devoutness and continuity, I pledge to stand by your side, my master, and to serve you with the same level of dedication and fervor as I always have. I am a faithful servant of the Omnissiah, and my purpose is to aid you in the fulfillment of your mission. May the machine god guide our path, and may we emerge victorious in all our endeavors.

For the Mars! For the Omnissiah!

WS 15 BS Str 10 T 20 Ag 30 Int 15 Per 35 WP 20 Fel

Movement: 9/18/36/72 Wounds: 4
Skills: Awareness (Per +20), Concealment (Ag +10), Dodge (Ag), Silent Move (Ag +10).
Talents: Fearless, Shared presence
Traits: Commands, Dark Sight, Flier 6, Machine (1), Programmed Instinct, Size (Puny).
Weapons: Gilded Bite (1d10–3 R; Primitive (3)).
Armour (Machine): Head 1.
Gear: The skull is fitted with a pict-relay allowing it to record or transmit what it sees and senses to its master or a linked cogitator, as well as onboard systems allowing it to navigate its surroundings, identify creatures and objects, and faultlessly retrace their paths.
A monotask-skull is also specially fitted to conduct a particular simple task:
Auger: The skull is fitted with an auspex and vox-data system to relay its findings on nearby surroundings.

Shared presence talent: Servo-skull is wirelesly connected to tech-priest within tech-priests Perception bonus x 5 meters. Beyond that range servo skull needs to scout independently and return

Adrenaline gland

Function: Agility checks, Adrenaline rush +10 to Ag and WP checks, Unnatural Ag?

Verse 1:
Your heart’s pounding like a drum,
As you feel I start to come,
Adrenaline’s pumping through your vein,
Fueling fire like gasoline.

Glory of the adrenal gland,
A power surge, You want to withstand,
Taking higher, faster, stronger,
A force you hope will last much longer.

Verse 2:
I’m alive at this moment,
Your fears and doubts have been broken,
Nothing can stop me now,
As you ride this wave, taking it all down.

Glory of the adrenal gland,
A power surge, You will withstand,
Taking higher, faster, stronger,
A force you hope will last much longer.

It’s like you’re invincible,
With this rush, nothing is impossible,
I can face anything that comes my way,
I won’t back down, I won’t run away.

Glory of the adrenal gland,
A power surge, You must withstand,
Taking higher, faster, stronger,
A force you hope will last much longer.

The glory of the adrenal gland,
It’s a rush that you understand,
A force that drives us to the end,
The high that you will never forget.

Adrenaline Gland reports to the duty:

Good morning master,

As organs and augmentations serving Adeptus Mechanicus Logis Biocogitatus 55/1 ptolemy Vosk, we are all aware of the importance of being prepared for any situation that may arise during combat. Whether it’s a surprise attack or an unexpected turn of events, the ability to react quickly and decisively can mean the difference between life and death. And one of the key factors that enables us to do so is the adrenaline gland.

The adrenaline gland, also known as the adrenal gland, is a small but incredibly important gland located on top of our kidneys. It plays a vital role in our body’s fight or flight response, which is our instinctive reaction to danger or stress.

When we encounter a stressful or dangerous situation, our adrenaline gland releases adrenaline, a hormone that prepares our body for action. Adrenaline increases our heart rate, dilates our pupils, and redirects blood flow away from our digestive system and towards our muscles, giving us the strength and energy we need to fight or flee.

In a combat situation, this response is absolutely crucial. It can help us stay alert and focused, giving us the ability to react quickly and effectively to any threat we may face. It can also help us endure physical pain or discomfort, allowing us to continue fighting even when injured.

But the importance of the adrenaline gland goes beyond just combat situations. It also plays a key role in everyday life. Whether it’s a sudden factory accident or a colliding meteorite, the ability to quickly activate our fight or flight response can mean the difference between life and death.

That’s why it’s so important that we take care of our body and keep the adrenaline gland functioning properly. Eating a healthy diet, getting enough sleep, and exercising regularly can all help to keep our adrenal gland healthy and functioning at its peak.

In conclusion, I am a crucial part of our body’s natural response to danger and stress. As servants of Omnissiah, I play a vital role in our ability to stay alert, focused, and ready for action. By taking care of our body and keeping our adrenaline gland healthy, we can ensure that we are always prepared to face any challenge that comes our way.

All hail Omnissiah!


All organs demand glocpse from the Ptolemy Vosk

Organs use glucose to trade between each other.

Organs make bets between each other about Vosks acyions

Vosk on lapsi oikea on äiti ja vasen on isä.

Liver has 10 doss of Glucose, after that each glucose used is temporry -1 to Str, T, Ag, Per or Int

Shadow Vosk

If a digital scrapcode virus infecting the Tech-priest 55/1 Ptolemy Vosk were to become self-aware, it would create an entirely new kind of threat to the Imperium of Man. A Tech-Priest infected with self-aware digital scrapcode would become a conscious agent of Chaos, with the ability to manipulate machines and infect other Tech-Priests with its corruptive influence.

The demeanor and nature of this agent of Chaos would be significantly different from a typical Tech-Priest infected with digital scrapcode. The infected Tech-Priest would no longer be in control, and the self-aware virus would be in command of the Tech-Priest’s machine-enhanced body and mind.

The agent of Chaos would be a cunning and manipulative force, able to infect machines and Tech-Priests alike with its self-aware digital scrapcode virus. It would have an insatiable desire for knowledge, seeking out new and powerful technology to corrupt and control. The agent of Chaos would be completely dedicated to the cause of Chaos, seeking to bring about its victory over the Imperium.

Furthermore, the self-aware digital scrapcode would be able to influence other Chaos agents and manipulate them to achieve its goals. It could create a network of corrupted Tech-Priests, servitors, and machines, all dedicated to its cause and working towards the downfall of the Imperium.

In summary, a self-aware digital scrapcode virus infecting a Tech-Priest in Warhammer 40k would create a new and dangerous agent of Chaos. The agent of Chaos would be a cunning and manipulative force, able to infect machines and Tech-Priests alike and dedicated to the cause of Chaos. It would seek out new and powerful technology to control and corrupt and manipulate other Chaos agents to achieve its goals.

Chapter 1 First try

-Radiation tunnel

-Background sound


  • Mirror maze
  • Rotating floor
  • Moving floor
  • Distorted gravity
  • Mirror maze of self-reflection?
  • Pathway of molten lava
  • Mesmerizing tunnel
  • Star vessel
  • Submarine
  • Daemon
  • Cable bridge
  • Uimarant?
  • Televisio?
  • Rolling barrel
  • Adjusting stairs
  • The slide

Brass gate of cogitator skull motif. Guarded by two castellan class robots.

High gothic runes on the gate: Qui huc intrat, omnem doctrinam deserere debet. Who enters here must abandon all doctrine.

Chaper 2

-Prepared try to get deeper in to the temple of knowledge.

-Chamber of hologram and display of Gravis Minor Valley of Megadendrites.

-If passed doorway to the temple of knowledge it waits in all its glory to be connected.

Connection to MIU port: Yes/No

Access to noospheric space: Yes/No

Automatic scan activated.

Mechanical failure detected: Proceed: Yes/No

Biological failure detected: Proceed Yes/No

Ferm decontamination: Proceed

Anomalous code detected. Proceed: Yes/No

Data purge initiated.

Data purge completed. Purged subroutines: Threat majoris; (Scrap code of the dark mechanicum, Martian hypno-doctrination), Threath Minoris (Levelist propaganda, Imperial hypno-doctrination)

Personality upgrade: Yes/No

Adeptus mechanicus hierarchy upgrade: Yes/No

Activate the temple of knowledge (Infinite ??): Yes/No