GM space traffic

Minor Rogue Trader captains:

“Regurgitator” an Imperial frigate commanded by Rogue Trader Captain Karfa
-Answers to Arbitrator/Winterscale bounty to protect Ultima Tectum 818.M41

“Audacia” an Imperial raider commanded by Rogue Trader Captain Qumais
-Answers to Arbitrator/Chorda dynasty bounty to protect Ultima Tectum 818.M41

Squalus Purus” Imperial raider commanded by Rogue Trader Captain Georgene Klimnik.

-Answers to Arbitrator/Winterscale bounty to protect Ultima Tectum 821.M41

Xenos vessels

“Weird ululating sound”, Stryxis merchant transporter
Captain Ung’tix
every 1d2 years
Barters for Xeno drugs, xeno artefacts and archaotech
Impensus, Scutum, Pauperpolis ↔ Unknown space
Effects: Acquisition +25, influx of thrones to system economy (each orbit grants +1 one-use Tax factor, Gangs fight over drug trade (

-After hard negotiations and snorting of psycrystal at Avaritas and Scutum it travels to Gravis minor to enjoy Usharillos and pretending to be god for natives.

Solemn Whisper“, Eldar scout vessel

-Arrives to system to investigate after silencing of Stryxis warp distruptor

Winterscale fleet

“Imperial pursuit”, Winterscale cruiser
Captain Cadogan
Astropath Ragozine
every 1d3 years
Refuel and recruit before returning to stars
Effects: Acquisition +10, sub-segmentum information available

“Winterscale warfleet”, Cruiser, 2 Frigates (Navy standard)

“Stepping stone of saints”, Winterscale Transport
Captain Ingram Cotent
every year
Brings suplies, takes resources, archaotech
Ultima tectum ↔ Winterscale realm
Effects: Acquisition +15 on Drugs and consumables, contact Winterscale realm

Chorda Fleet:

“Relentless”, Chorda frigate
Captain Kazimir
Sanctioned psyker Malik
Every year
Brings spectators to fighting pits of Nothus, xeno artefacts, archaotech,  drugs
Nothus, Avaris ↔ Chorda Hidden Pleasure world
Effects: Acquisition +5, +10 to to Cold trade, influx of thrones to system economy (each orbit grants +2 one-use Tax factor), gangs fight over drug trade, contact Chorda Rogue Trader Dynasty

“Renewed valor”, Chorda transporter
Captain Pancuron
Every year
Brings supplies, takes resources,
Avaris, Gravis major ↔ Footfall
Effects: Acquisition +15 to drugs and consumables, contact to Footfall authorities,

“Chorda warfleet”, Heavy cruiser (Numerous fighter bays), 4 Raiders

“Chorda dynasty cruiser”

Imperial Navy Fleet

“Torch-bearer”, Imperial Navy frigate
Captain Waldron

1d3 years
Canor Sol, Vallum ↔ Imperial Navy sector Starbase
Effects: Acquisition (Weapons, Armour, Ammunition), possibility to request military assistance, contact to Imperial Navy Fleet Sub-Segmentum HQ

Patrol fleet IN-78, Grand cruiser and two frigates

“Gorgon’s Eye”, Imperial navy cruiser
Captain Draconia
Astropath Kalliope
Adeptus Mechanicus Obside of Mars

“Glorious Throne”, Imperial navy frigate

“Furious purpose”,  Imperial navy frigate
Captain Egeon
Tech-priest Romtor
Astropath Ithonia

Refuel and recruit for deep space patrol
1d2 years
Cantor Sol ↔ Hecaton rift patrol
Effects: Acquisition +20 (Weapons, Armour Ammunition), sub-segmentum information, xenos star vessel information

Other vessels

“Pilgrim’s progress”, merchant house charter transport
Captain Thorn
Every 1/2 year
Brings prisoners to Nothus, colonists to system,
Cantor Sol ↔ Winterscale realm
Effects: Acquisition +10, Sub-Segmentum informarion information, taking messages to Winterscale realm.

“Apollonia”, pleasure frigate of Slaanesh pirates

Approaching the system

“Omnissiah’s Probe” Mechanicus research vessel commanded by Von Trotha

Orbiting the sun at silent run around cauldron.

”Orlov Principle”, Inquisitorial black ship
Under supervision of Inquisitor Aurora Orlov

Captain Barkar
Antipholus, Astropath, Alpha level diviner
Cerimon of Mars, Adeptus Mechanicus, Tech-heretic
Navigator, Borderline insane but precise charting
Brings prisoners to Nothus, supplies Semis arcology
Random appearance
Semis, Cantor Sol ↔ unknown

“Star fighter 81”, Rogue archaotech light cruiser
Description: Shielded by bright semi-liquid silvery surface which reflects sensors and laser lances.
Officers: Abominable Intelligence

Interval: Random
Cargo: Archaotech wonders and horrors
Route:Deep space Nimbus Extern
Effects: Tries to establish contact to other AIs. Seeking signals of ANGELs. Sends bursts of communication towards planets touched by ANGELs. Gravis Minor, Gravis Major, Gaudimonium, Nothus, Canor Sol STC space station

Karrad Vall’s fleet
Often called “the Wolfpack,” a mismatched group of vessels including many of obvious Imperial origin. Some of these ships are captained by ruthless raiders as infamous as the vessel itself. A partial list of known ships belonging to Vall’s Wolfpack is presented here:

  • Excrucian
  • Gift of Despair
  • Mortis Ex Astra
  • Optimus Nemesis

Ship info template:

“Name of Star vessel”,


Visit interval:
Effects to system: