GM Music

Dark Mechanicus explorator vessel, Cauldron

“CAA part A”


Noospheric static of EF-118


“Sober Lumberjack” at Bastion of Saint Drusus, Gravis Major

“Satans childe”
“In all my dream’s I drown”
“Diggin’ my grave”
“Drink that water”
“Ain’t no grave”
“Dueling banjos”
“John Henry”
“Through the valley”
“Devil’s resting place”
“Just right bullets”
“Belly of the beast”
“Thunder & Lightning”

“Club Excess” at Avaritas, Penitus Balteus

Dirge of Slaanesh”
“Slave to the system”
“Drop the bomb”
“When you see God”
“Horrible things”
“Rubber Johnny”
“Faster than light”
“Doomsday machine”

Precinct-fortress of Sphaera Imperator, Penitus Balteus

“Incense and iron”

Tech-shrine of Sphaera Imperator, Penitus Balteus

“In to the subconsciousness”

“Addled Canary” at Sphaera Imperator, Penitus Balteus

“Bolt gun”
“Sixteen tons”
“Dogs of War”
“Pale rider”
“Cruel wars”
“Come out ya black and tans”
“Mariner’s revenge”
“Angel of Death”
“Chemical worker’s song”
“Miner’s lullaby”
“Satan’s got to get along without me”

“Mosh-pit” at Pauperpolis, Nimbus Extern

“Iron man”
“Kokou no Sousei”

“Freedom Cafe” at Canor Sol, Nimbus Extern

“Around the bend”
“Run to the jungle”
“Satan company”
“Don’t you want somebody to love”
“Burning and looting”
“The battle of Evermore”
“I’m the king, I’m the sun”

“I am God”
“I got devil inside me”
“Of The Wand & The Moon”
“Noise marine wub wub”
“Supersonic drill”
“God complex”     
“Prime clown”

“Black rider”

“Bit by a dog”

“Two tickets to hell”

“Raise the moon”

“Go back home”

“Mercy train” Song that operator of Great relocation Engine Rananan-8 listens while relocating Huwan tribal population and Imperial refugees.