GM Psychic warpscape of Ultima Tectum

Signals detected by astropathic choir

Near distance:

1 Herkel, Astropathic choir, Semis

2 Ragozine, Astropathic relay,
Winterscale raider hunter fleet,
efficient and stressed
Near distance to astropathic choir of Martün

3 Dark Mechanicus, Brain of the astropath augmentation. His hidden explorator vessel orbiting the blue giant of Ultima Tectum.

4 X, Daemon of blue giant, alluring and patient
Near distance to astropathic choir of Martün
Insane, ferocious, bound, alluring

5 Ung’Tix, Stryxis beacon against eldar
-Blast his warpscape distruptor to psychically blockade the Ultima Tectum system from eldars.

6 Ugrippa Mid-witch of Nimbus Extern
-Purger of mutants among Nimbus Extern void clans, has made pact with Nytram. Her daughter is an daemonic hostage of Nytram. Revered by void born clans of Nimbus Extern.

7 Nytram Red Handed, demon twin of Martün Underberg

Mid distance:

8 Xaore, Astropathic choir,
Imperial navy fortress guarding Maw-Jericho sector wormhole at Koronus Expanse side, Forbidden Zone 51. Great fall back route for evacuation of whole Jericho sector under Tyranid threat. Astropath is highly tuned as presence of the wormhole gives unique perspective in to the depths of the warp.

9 Kalliope, Astropathic relay, “Gorgon’s eye”, Imperial navy fleet, Rift of Hecaton
Medium distance to astropathic choir of Martün
-Having skirmishes with aggressive xeno race Ra’Gol and chaos raiders. Trying to locate base of Karrad Val.

10 Hecuba, Astropathic relay, “Orlov principle” inquisitorial black ship
Radical, calculated, psychic scarring
-Boosted by archaotech, piercing telepathy, near insane, rejuvenated beyond reason,

11 Mouth of blasmephy, Chaos raider unholy sacrificial pit, astropathic trap created by Karrad Val to ambush Imperial Navy and Winterscale dynasty fleets hunting him.

12 Dynvea Farseer, Eldar craftworld, Arriving to Koronus Expanse as great things are at motion snd dark futures loom over the galaxy.

13 Slaaneshian noise knight, uprising challenger of Karrad Val, eager to make infamy, actively broadcasts against dark herald, from insults between competing distortions of warp may dark knowledge be gained. No fleet, just frigate.

Hecaton rift Warp storm, Great border of Koronus Expanse where passage has not been found, yet.

The Cauldron Warp storm, Seething maelstrom of destiny and destruction.

Far distance:

14 Montak, Astropathic choir, Footfall
-Puppet of Chorda dynasty, addicted to Jingo Resin, forfeits messages for benefit of Chorda dynasty, is constantly supervised by Chorda agent, requires sensory deprivation tank.

15 Heldron, Astropathic choir, Winterscale realm,
-Has grand astropathic choir to increase his broadcast, requires sacrificial psykers,

16 Yggdrasil, Kroot ancestral tree, Kroot homeworld, Koronus Expanse
-Songs of harmonious cycles of birth, life and death
-Kroot spiritual world tree that enables their shamans to meet through the warp. Guides their sacred planting rituals.

17 Dark Herald of warp storm, Chaos champion, The Cauldron, Koronus Expanse, Claims enslaved maiden world, prepares for opening of the Cauldron, challenges chaos champions of the Koronus Expanse.

18 Waagh, Unred Unred Teeth, Koronus expanse, Rising Waagh that will challenge Imperial presence around Undred Undred Teeths. Great tactical problem for the Imperial Navy at Koronus Expanse.

Screaming Vortex Warp storm, Unpredictable barrier between Calixis Sector and Koronus Expanse


Extremely far distance:

Holy Astronomicon