Star vessel components and hulls

Components available for Imperial habitats and star vessels

Listing of a components from Rogue Trader books and parts of home-brew A and B (excel file, no detailed description, just statistics)

Ultima Tectum home-brew components and edited descriptions from sources A, B, C and D , (will be developed and expanded further as the campaign continues).


Dark Trader home-brew components (A)
Heroic system home-brew components (B)
home-brew components (C)
Fringe Is Yours home-brew components and weapons (D)

Archeotech/Xeno/Curse qualities of components, Stars of Inequity, page 86
Star vessel weapon special qualities 

Official Rogue Trader star vessel hulls

The Imperial hulls from official Rogue Trader books with easy interface
The Imperial hulls from official Rogue Trader books with pictures

Home-brew material of new hulls and components

Custom Imperial star vessel hull creation
Space Marine star vessel hulls
Designs of Imperial habitation, Habitats, arcologies, void stations and star fortresses

GM only: Ark Mechanicus hull
GM only: Ready to use star vessels
GM only: Chaos star vessel components
M only: Archeotech star vessel components
M only: Tau star vessel hulls and components
GM only: Eldar star vessel hulls and components
GM only: Necron star vessel hulls and components
GM only: Rak’Gol star vessel hulls and components
GM only:
Stryxis star vessel hulls and components


-The Imperium builds and designs in a modular way. In an example, ages ago the design for STC component of Imperial brig was perfected by Unknown and same component can be used in a hiveblock, an asteroid mine, a heavy cruiser or an any other Imperial habitat or vessel, that relies on STC technology.

Designs of habitats (towns, districts, facilities, arcologies, fortresses and space stations) works on similar way as space ship design in Rogue Trader with some differences.

  • Available Space is not as grave issue in a habitat as in a star vessel, so development of a habitat is not restricted by space requirements of components. Only limitation of expansion of a habitat is available power and components. (Except: star fortresses and arcologies, which designs have limited space.)
  • Habitat cores differ from space ship drives available. More detailed information about habitat cores is available FOR MECHANICUS ONLY.
  • Habitats located to a life sustaining environment do not require a life support system.
  • If a component has different values for Pow usage then use always values of cruiser components as habitats rely on the more powerful component designs.
  • Some components have been adjusted or created to suit only habitat settings.


-Component can be acquired by Tax Factor (Or Profit Factor, Tithe Factor, Power Factor, depending on which Imperial office is attempting an acquisition) check or spending Tax Factor.

-During Tax Factor check characters can barter using items and components to ease availability of acquired item. If bartered item is same rarity as acquired item becomes one degree more available. If bartered item is higher rarity acquired item becomes more available by degree of rarity difference. If acquisition is failed bartered item is not lost.

-Archaotech, xeno-tech and heretech cannot be acquired by burning tax factor and have to be purchased with barter item or other funds.