Time of Ending Prophecy

In the darkest depths of the universe’s expanse,
A time of ending draws ever closer, a dreadful chance.
The forces of Chaos, they writhe and they scheme,
Their corruption spreading like an insidious dream.

The Emperor, his power fading, shall rise one last time,
His armies marching forth to confront the Warp’s crime.
The Eldar’s seers, their visions clouded, shall search in vain,
While the Necrons awaken from slumber, but to no gain.

The Tyranids swarm, the Orks gather, and the Tau seek aid,
But the darkness of the end times leaves no room for trade.
The Chaos gods summon their legions, and the Great Rift yawns wide,
Spilling forth daemons and horrors from beyond the other side.

The skies blaze with the light of a thousand suns, a final battle draws near,
And reality itself is torn asunder, with no chance for the end to clear.
In the aftermath, a barren wasteland is all that shall remain,
A universe scarred by the fires of war, and the horror of Chaos’s reign.

The cycle of creation and destruction grinds to a halt,
A silence settling upon the universe’s final vault.
Thus may end the age of man, and the universe’s fate is sealed,
A time of ending, a prophecy fulfilled, and a new beginning concealed.

Chaos gods dancing in a delight,
Imperium’s last stand in the sight,
Orks and Eldar join the fray,
As Necrons rise to have their say.

Aeldari’s future, none can predict,
But in the Warp, daemons flicker and lick.
Tyranids swarm and devour,
While the galaxy trembles in their power.

Space Marines fight with all their might,
As the Inquisition searches for the light.
The Emperor’s throne is on the line,
And in the end, only death will define.

The end times are drawing near,
As the Imperium of Man shakes with fear.
In this time of ending, who will prevail?
Only the dice of fate can tell.