Agents, vassals, allies, diplomats, rivals, enemies

Agents of Judge Mordechai:
Rat-catcher Komuk, sanitation specialist from Necromunda, Bastion of Saint Drusus, Gravis Major. Status: Sleeping TF -1
Saboteur Wolfhart, Avaritas station barracks,  (paid with Thrones, no effect to TF) Status: Infiltrated to Cathedral of Immaculate Truth -2 TF
Assassin Ulrica, Sphaera Imperator, (paid with Thrones, no effect to TF) Status: Sleeping -3  TF
Saboteur Elgast, Sphaera Imperator, (paid with Thrones, no effect to TF) Status: Sleeping -1 TFvassals of gödel

Vassals of Specialist Gödel:
Transmechanic Morcutor, Vassal of Specialist Gödel, PC-5728, Nothus, TF: -1, Contact: Strabolus
Electro-Priest Gauss, Vassal of Specialist Gödel, Sphaera Imperator, Penitus Balteus
Rune-Priest Regiomontanus, Vassal of Specialist Gödel, Sphaera Imperator, Penitus Balteus
Tech Deacon Oppolzer, Vassal of Specialist Gödel, Sphaera Imperator, Penitus Balteus, -2 PF, Contact: Mechanicus,

Acolytes of Astropath Martün Underberg
Astropath acolyte Teresa, Vassal of Astropath Martün, Sphaera Imperator, Penitus Balteus
Astropath primus Traci, Vassal of Astropath Martün, Canor Sol, Nimbus Extern, -3 TF

Allies of Ungues Aquilarum:
Nurse Aletha, Ally, Bastion of Drusus, Gravis Major, TF: -1, Contact: Ordo Hospitallers
Brother-Militant Makbae, Ally, Bastion fo Drusus, Gravis Major, Contact: Missio Galaxia
Technomat Supreme Blunt, Grand Falls, Gravis Major, Contact: Rananan-8
Captain Trantor, Ally, Grand Falls, Gravis Major, TF: -2, Contact: Imperial guard
Heir Louis of Grand Falls, Ally, Grand falls, Gravis Major, Contact: Nobility, Underworld
Pilot Gerbeh, Ally, Penitus Balteus, Contact: Void clan of Penitus Balteus
Lieutenant Patris, Ally, Canor Sol, Nimbus Extern, Contact: Winterscale dynasty
Prospector Bernam Bethel, Nimbus Extern, Contact: Void clans of Nimbus Extern
Conciliatorix Boltazar, Avaritas, Contact: Chorda dynasty
Lady Percy, Sphaera Imperator, Chorda dynasty vassal, Contact: Nobility

Diplomats at the system:
, Homo Legatus: Mechanicum, EF-118, Gravis Minor
Isolte, Nobilitas Legatus: House of Grand Falls, Grand Falls, Gravis Major
Quintus, Xeno Legatus: Chorda, Scutum, Penitus Balteus

Rivals at the system:
Merchant charter captain Ingram
Believes that his star vessel, transporter “Stepping Stone of Saints” has become cursed after offering a flight to Judge Mordechai and his retinue “Ungues Aquilarum”.

Librarium Clerk Emanuel, “Collegio Magnitudo” Agent, Grand Falls, Gravis Major
-Skolana Psykana deep agent planted among court of Grand Falls noble family.
-Answers to Headmaster Idiomus of Collegio Magnitudo, Semis, moon of Impensus.

Commander Ardman, Imperial guard, Bastion of Saint Drusus, Gravis Major
-Leads the platoon of Imperial guards suicide assault, “Charge of the light brigade”, ordered by Judge Mordechai without intelligence about enemy forces or consultation with leading officers and from rear-line, in safety within Imperial vehicle and protected by Imperial navy fighter wing, during native insurgency 817.M41.
-Leads “No prayer” campaign to arctic continent. Heavy losses from poor equipment and limited supplies. Campaign ends in wide insurrection and withdrawal of remaining troops. 819-820.M41

Cardinal Humer, Avaritas, Penitus Balteus
-Annoyed for sacriledge of arbitrator Mordechai for acting as judge and operating precinct-fortress without blessing of the ecclesiarchy.
-Annoyed for arbitrator Mordechai from supporting activities of Brother-militant Makbae and Missio Galaxia versus Armormant doctrine.
-Has ceased covert hostile actions until common threat of Confederation of Light is solved.

Alpha level psyker Jotak, Collegio Magnitudo, Semis
-Boy from the slums of Bastion of Saint Drusus to whom Imperial citizenship was promised and who now atrophies at the hexagrammic suppression cell of Collegio Magnitudo at the hands of Headmaster Idiomus.

Headmaster Idiomias, Collegio Magnitudo, Semis
As Jotak, one of the psykers predicted by Valquon Sark is at the hands of Aurora Orlov’s minion Judge mordechai sets highest priority to prevent the headmaster Idiomus from gathering any other Star-children.

Prison Warden Vladir
-Judge Mordechai has founded arcology to Nothus 820.M41 competing for same resources that are PC-5728’s main income. By diverting large sums of tax funds and use of Imperial authority to Dolabra Imperator judge Mordechai has enabled arcology to gain better equipment and professional crew that Vladir is not able to keep up with.

Void Union
-By dumping large number of refugee miners at 820.M41 to Sphaera Imperator Judge Mordechai has caused wages of Void Union miners to drop. To push back Void Union’s Straw Men, who control the distribution of equipment and mining quotas, give most dangerous jobs along faultiest tools  for refugee miners and death tolls are high among refugee miners.

Enemies at the system:
Ranulf, Prophet of the Alkaline Springs, minion of Nytram, DEFEATED 819.M41
Yves and Xavier Clones, heretical twin surgeons, minions of Nytram. DEFEATED 819.M41
Adonis, Huwan Liberation Front conspiracy operative
Borga, Crime-Lord, thug of the Syndicate, KILLED 820.M41
Luxium, Heretek, Lead astray by petrified cogitator