Bacgkround soundscapes

A tools and a materials to use and create an ambient soundscapes for a dark sci-fantasy games.

How to create a soundscapes

Sound effect library

Ready to use soundscape ideas

Trench Warfare:
Singular: Infantry charge is used each time character launch their attack.

Imperial guard jungle operation:
Ambience: Either Jungle day or Jungle night depending of the time of a day at the game.
Singular: Autocannon (weapon is used by player characters and sound activated during their heavy weapon shooting  actions) and Constant warfare (Continuously on during endgame after enemy reaches the lines the Imperial Guard are holding).

Imperial frigate bridge:
Singular: Battle ambience distant (during inevitable void combat), Small arms fire (if star vessel is boarded during void combat), Nuclear alarm (if star vessel receives critical hit during void combat).

Techshrine of Omnissiah:
Singular: Geiger counter used by a tech-priest to scan the characters.

The lair of the heretical cult:
Singular: Demonic chorus when chanting starts and  Daemon of Nurgle when the daemon appears.

Inside void suit and engaged to combat:
Singular: Plasma gun sound when the character shoots.

Daemon of Nurgle:
Singular: Godzilla breath
when it launches attack with daemonic powers and Unnatural evil laugh when it is taunting the characters.

Administrator’s vault:

Escaping from a ghost child:
ingular: Child laughing

Shrine of The God -Emperor
Singular: Apocalyptic cult enters the church

Ready made soundscapes by others:
Battlefield Ambience 1 hour
Necron invasion 1 hour
Xeno invasion 1 hour
Warp presence 1 hour
Shipboard ambience 1 hour
Exoplanet  Forest Ambience Sounds, Sci Fi Insect and Fantasy Creature 5:49
Xeno planet 3:43 
Victim of Nurgle in the rain
1 hour
Haunted town over 1 hour
Post-apo ambience 1 hour
Evening at medieval town 3 hours