GM Great Games of Nothus


Who will participate the Great Games of Nothus

Malfian aristocrat
-Gambler, opportunist and spy

Lothar Von Trotha
-Dark Mechanicus

Chorda dynasty member

Archdiocese Humer
-Ruling member of ecclesiarchy at the Ultima Tectum system.

Legatus Legalis Obron, Segmentum Obscurus legal envoy, Terra

Legatus Administrum Cerwyn Segmentum Obscurus adminstratum envoy, Terra

Judge Vilaea of High Court, Fenksworld system, Calixis Sector

ozmotCommander Draconia, Accursed Demesne Sub-sector commander

Conspirators of Tzeentch, “Bookmakers of the worlds”

Champion: Ozmot the Vegetarian