Schools of Psykers


  • Acolytes of Abraxas
  • Adeptus Astronomica, whose powers are too weak for a benefit of the Imperium but their minds are not too unstable to accept to be fed to Astronomicon.
  • Astropaths, selected few with an aptitude for a telepathy and a strong will.
  • Latent Psykers, whose powers have not manifested yet or who are unaware of using them. A fear of death or an other similar emotional anguish may trigger involuntary emergence of psychic powers. As soon as psychic powers have emerged latent psykers are classified as Rogue or Renegade Psykers.
  • Lobotomized Psykers, whose minds are too unstable for service of the Imperium, are used after their “Final Preparation” to utilize astropathic choirs of Astropaths, gellar fields of void farer’s and experimental psi-engines of Adeptus Mechanicus.
  • Inquisitors, To be able to investigate and control dangerous human and vile xeno psykers the Inquisition needs dangerous and vile psykers and many them even carry the rank of an Inquisitor.
  • Preachers of Imperial Doctrine, The roots of Prayers and Divine miracles
  • Primaris Psykers, Obscenely powerful psykers, whose self-control and benefits to the Imperium outweigh the risks of their existence.
  • Saints, The conduits of the Will of the God-Emperor
  • Sanctioned Psykers, specialized psykers whose abilities serve several Holy Ordos and mainly the Imperial war-machine.
  • Space Marine Librarians, gene-enhanced and hood protected psychic fist of the God-Emperor.
  • Rogue Psykers, awakened psykers who have become aware of their powers, but do not surrender to judgement of Imperial authorities. Many of them refrain from the use of the psychic powers or use those powers only instinctively, but they nevertheless pose a threat of the daemonic incursion. Some of them consider their powers to be manifestations of the God-Emperor and do not consider themselves as psykers at all, but as above, they too pose a threat of the daemonic incursion. Some of the rogue psykers frequently exploit their gifts for a personal gain and are probably the most vulnerable of them to the influence of the Ruinous Powers.
  • Unsane, broken wrecks of minor psykers who obsessively recite and mumble the whispers of the warp, they constantly hear, but are unable make sense off, or as a matter, off anything else. Their random gatherings on dilapidated areas along burning rubbish pits has been under surveillance and purges of the Inquisition for a Millenia, but the greater conspiracy among them awaits to be revealed. Note: Unsane should not be mistaken with Insane. Insane are the ones who have broken their minds on a service, usually military, for the Imperium and are either offered “The Honorable Execution with Full Pension”, or in some cases, if the family or the patron of an Insane is wealthy or powerful enough, he or she may be institutionalized to one of the several Research Stations for the Lost Soldiers. (Joint operation of Ordo Hospitaller and Genetors of Adeptus Mechanicus to study and surpass the inefficiency caused by combat fatigue and the limitations of biological endurance.)



  • Daemons, A Daemon is “born” when a Chaos God or Undivided Chaos expends a portion of its power to create a separate being, binding a collection of senses, thoughts, and purposes together. This essentially creates an undying consciousness and personality that can move within the Warp. Some powers they are able to manifest are similar to psychic powers.