Expanded Insanity rules


Basic mental trauma rules (Rogue Trader corebook page ?) for gaining insanity aka shock is inadequate to describe web of madness that you can engulf your players and their characters.

As each insanity threshold is reached it should, in addition to basic shock rules, emphasize the long term development of insanity unique to each character.

Customized insanity obligations/adventures are activates when threshold (20, 40, 60, 80, 100) is exceeded.

Current scores player characters: 30.8.2020
Astropath Martün Underberg, Insanity: 20 Corruption: 40+
Specialist Gödel, Insanity: 26 Corruption: 29,
Judge Mordechai, Insanity: 21 Corruption: 9, has had first covert personality experience

Astropath Martün’s insanity: Awakening of Nytram, the twin that he sacrificed at the womb and later consumed as a daemonic entity.
20 Private exchange of insults with Nytram when alone and mirrors available.
40 Minor Disorder: Phobia (Mirrors), The effects of the disorder manifest rarely or are experienced only to a small degree. Any Test to overcome the effects of the disorder gain a +10 bonus
60 Severe Disorder: Horrific nightmares, Nytram starts to give advice to solve problems, access to information that leads character further in the road of insanity..
80 Acute Disorder: Visions And Voices, Missing moments while encaged with Nytram as it sows seeds of destruction.
100 Martyn turns to Nytram and through apotheosis becomes an eternal daemonic entity of undivided chaos.

Mordechai’s insanity: Covert personality starts to have their own life and occasional game time.
20 Story of a birthday gift. Moral choice, leads to useful information.
40 Minor Disorder: Delusion, week as an covert personality: GM will exploit his absense from the duties of the judge to maximum.
60 Severe Disorder: Delusion, month as a covert personality: GM will exploit his absense from the duties of the judge to maximum.
80 Acute Disorder: Delusion, Birthday child is kidnapped and Mordechai’s covert personality goes on vigilante vendetta to save the child.
100 Mordechai abandons his responsibilities and becomes one of his covert personalities.

Gödel’s insanity: Upgrading the flesh through Flesh Is Weak talent or biological augmentations.
20 Self mutilation by taking medical samples from biological parts.
40 Minor Disorder: Flesh Is Weak, Mandatory spend EXP to Flesh Is Weak Mechanicus talent whenever it becomes available.
60 Severe Disorder: Horrific Nightmares Gödel must remove one weakness of flesh. May cause characteristic damage.
80 Acute Disorder: Obsession Gödel makes daring experiment for itself. May cause characteristic damage.
100 Gödel removes last part of human condition and becomes Abominable Intelligence.