GM Major NPCs 1. campaign

“Omnissiah’s Probe” Mechanicus research vessel on solar orbit

Gravis Minor– desolate rock planet

EF-118“: scientific STC arcology beside volcano

Gravis Major– colonized rock planet

Temperate continent

Bastion of Saint Drusus: hive colony

Manor-Fortress of Grand Falls“: noble house stronghold

Imperial Friendship Bridge“: hive colony

Emergency Refugee Camps: temporary housing

“Alpha Vault”, archeotech vault

Bullion of Alfmed, mineral procession plant at temperate continent

Desert continent

“The Plateu of the Benevolent Sun”: Imperial military church at desert continent

“Gamma Vault”, archeotech vault

Arctic continent

“Beta Vault”, archeotech vault at arctic continent

“Providence of Alfmed”, auto-pisces factory at arctic continent

Vallum-, Moon of Gravis Major

Gloria Lapidarius“: Military STC arcology

Penitus Balteusasteroid belt

Avaritas“: Large industrial star fortress

Scutum“: Asteroid void habitat

Sphaera Imperator“: Asteroid void habitat

Emplastrum Aegis, hospital void station

Semis-, Moon of Impensus

Collegio Magnitudo: Small arcology

Nothustoxic rock planet

PC-5728“: large penal arcology

“Dolabra Imperator”: large industrial arcology

Nimbus Extern far reaches of the solar system

“Canor Sol“: archeotech STC star fortress


Pauperpolis“: comet void habitat

Celos“: comet void habitat

Unregistered void habitat at Imperial “No-flight Zone”

Non-local NPCs: