The Passion of Gruberion

This adventure is a backflash from youth of Player Character Gruberion Komuk.

Introduction: Welcome to “The Passion of Gruberion” an RPG adventure set in the vast and conflicted universe of Warhammer 40,000. Prepare to embark on a transformative journey, delving into the depths of faith, redemption, and the pursuit of enlightenment alongside Cardinal Lucius Aurelius and his band of disciples.

Synopsis: In the grim darkness of the 41st millennium, Lucius Aurelius, a renowned and controversial figure within the Imperial Ecclesiarchy of Necromunda, has been granted a divine vision that will alter the course of humanity’s fate. The weight of this revelation falls not only on Lucius but also on his loyal disciples, who have been chosen to accompany him on this perilous and enlightening pilgrimage.

Player Characters: In this adventure, you have the opportunity to embody three unique characters:

  1. Young Gruberion Komuk – A young and desperate individual hailing from the under-city of Necromunda. Having faced hardships and darkness, Gruberion seeks redemption and a chance to rise above his past as the child chosen by the Emperor. Will he find salvation in the Emperor’s light? Player only info
  2. Cardinal Lucius Aurelius – A polarizing figure within the Ecclesiarchy, known for his unyielding faith and his vision for reform. As Lucius, you are burdened with the weight of your faith and clarity and must thrive the treacherous path towards fulfillment, while dealing with internal intrigue and challenges to your ecclesiastical authority. Player only info
  3. Iudas the keeper the alms – A complicated character burdened by a past betrayal, disciple Iudas seeks redemption and a chance to prove his loyalty. Will he find forgiveness and a place among the faithful, or will his dark past continue to haunt him? Player only info

Non-Player Characters: Throughout your quest, you will interact with a diverse cast of disciples, each with their own motivations and backgrounds. Some may support your cause unwaveringly, while others may harbor hidden agendas or conflicting interests. How you navigate these relationships will shape the outcomes of the pilgrimage and the fate of the Emperor’s light.

A Journey of Faith, Redemption, and Enlightenment: As you travel through under-hive, explore abandoned territories, and confront the twisted things beneath the hive-towers, you will face moral dilemmas, grapple with questions of faith, and uncover ancient secrets. The choices you make will not only impact the future of the Ecclesiarchy but also the destiny of the entire Imperium.

Collaboration and Conflict: Forge alliances with your fellow pilgrims, leveraging their unique skills and perspectives to overcome the challenges that lie ahead. However, be wary of envy, betrayal and hidden agendas, for trust can be a fragile thing in the perpetual twilight of Necromunda.

Embrace the Path to the Emperor’s light: The vision quest of Lucius Aurelius holds the promise of redemption and enlightenment. Will you rise above the darkness that haunts you and find solace in the Emperor’s light? Or will the temptations of power and personal desires lead you astray? The choices you make will shape not only your characters’ destinies but also the very fabric of the Imperium itself.

Prepare for a harrowing and thought-provoking adventure that explores the depths of faith, redemption, and the pursuit of truth. The Illuminated Path awaits, and only through the trials of your journey can true enlightenment be achieved. Are you ready to embark on this transformative quest and face the challenges that lie ahead? The fate of the Imperium hangs in the balance.


  • Peterius the Redeemed: Peterius was once a former crime-lord, steeped in darkness and violence. However, witnessing Cardinal Lucius Aurelius’s unwavering faith and fervent sermons, he found redemption and joined him to seek Emperor’s forgiveness for his past sins.
  • Johnathan the Lost: Johnathan had lost his way, disillusioned by the poverty of the under-hive. Seeking a guidance, he encountered Lucius Aurelius, whose inspiring sermons and charismatic presence offered him a renewed purpose and will.
  • Lydia the Widow: Lydia had lost everything, her family and home destroyed by a hive collapse. Lucius Aurelius’s message of servitude and the Emperor’s light resonated deeply with her, leading her to find comfort and community among his followers.
  • Thomasius the Seeker: Thomasius was plagued by doubts about the Imperium’s teachings. Lucius Aurelius’s willingness to question and challenge the dogma of the Ecclesiarchy drew Thomasius to him, as he sought a leader who valued intellectual exploration and spiritual growth.
  • Jameson the Protector: Jameson was a former guardsman, scarred by the horrors of battle. Lucius Aurelius’s message of continued service and unity resonated with him, and he became a follower to help protect and defend the pilgrims on their journey.
  • Isabella the Catechist: Isabella had a gift for teaching and a deep desire to spread the Emperor’s truth. Recognizing her potential, Lucius Aurelius welcomed her as a disciple, and she dedicated herself to sharing his teachings with others.
  • Matthew the Merciful: Matthew had once been a ruthless bounty hunter, until Lucius Aurelius’s sermons touched his heart. Inspired by the Cardinal’s message of redemption and sacrifice, he abandoned his former life to follow him and seek salvation.
  • Maria the Listener: Maria possessed a unique ability, hearing the whispers of the Emperor’s divine will. Recognizing her gift, Lucius Aurelius welcomed her into his fold, as her visions and insights provided guidance to the pilgrimage. Her gift is frowned upon and feared by some of the disciples.
  • Simon the Mechanic: Simon was a skilled mind-cleansed techno-mat, well-versed in the mysteries of technology. Lucius Aurelius’s call for unity between faith and conscience resonated with him, and he joined the pilgrimage to lend his expertise and forge a stronger bond between the two.
  • Philipa the Caretaker: Philipa had spent her life caring for the sick and wounded. Drawn to Lucius Aurelius’s teachings of Emperor’s light and hatred towards mutants, she joined him to continue her mission of providing comfort, aid and mercy of the death to those in need.
  • Iudas the Alms Keeper: Iudas, burdened by guilt and shame for his past life, sought a chance at redemption. Lucius Aurelius, knowing the value of repentance, offered him forgiveness and a chance to serve a higher purpose as the keeper of Alms Box.
  • Rachel the Believer: Rachel had always possessed unwavering faith, but it was Lucius Aurelius’s charisma and devotion that inspired her to actively follow it. She saw in him as a wielder of charisma and a leader who embodied the Emperor’s light, and she pledged her loyalty to his cause.

!GM only info!