Tech-Assassin (Master)

50     50   42 (8)   42(8)   41   35    43    36    10
WS   BS    S             T        Ag   Int   Per   WP  Fel

Movement: 6/12/18/36 Wounds: 35
Armour: Machine Trait (6 All) Total TB: 8
Skills: Acrobatics (Ag) +20, Athletics (S) +20, Awareness
(Per) +20, Common Lore (Tech, War) (Int), Dodge (Ag)
+20, Forbidden Lore (Adeptus Mechanicus, the Warp) (Int),
Interrogation (WP), Logic (Int), Linguistics (Techna-lingua)
(Int), Navigation (Surface) (Int), Operate (Aeronautica) (Ag),
Parry (WS), Scrutiny (Per), Security (Int) +10, Stealth (Ag)
+20, Survival (Per) +10, Tech-Use (Int) +20.

Talents: Ambidextrous, Assassin Strike, Blade Dancer, Cold
Hearted, Combat Master, Deadeye Shot, Disturbing Voice,
Hard Target, Leap Up, Lightning Attack, Lightning Reflexes,
Rapid Reaction, Step Aside, Swift Attack, Total Recall, Two-
Weapon Wielder (Melee), Whirlwind of Death.
Traits: Dark-sight, Fear 1 (Disturbing), Hoverer (6), Machine
(6), Mechanicus Implants, Unnatural Strength (+4), Unnatural
Toughness (+4).

Armour: None (All 6).

Weapons:                                                                                                                                              Two Implanted power-blades (1d10+8 E; Pen 8; Balanced, Power Field),                                      MIU-linked shoulder-mounted hellgun (Basic; 50m; S/2/–; 1d10+4 E; Pen 7; Clip 40;
Reload Full; Reliable, Tearing),                                                                                                         Tesseract Bomb (Thrown; 24m; S/–/–; 4d10+6 E; Pen 6; Clip –; Reload –; Blast [5],
Concussive [2], Crippling [1d5]).
Cybernetics: Black blood, blade-tines, embedded auspex,
interface port, fl esh replenishment.
Gear: Ragged robes, multi-key, bandolier with three tesseract
bombs, 1d5+2 Velocireapers, 4 clips for Hellgun.
Quantum Field: The quantum field makes the Tech-Assassin
difficult to locate or target for ranged fi re. The Tech-Assassin
gains a +20 bonus to all Stealth Tests and may make a Stealth
Test even whilst being directly observed. In addition, all
ranged attacks against the Tech-assassin suffer a -20 penalty.

Velocireaper (Elite)

45    – –  50 45(6)  50  14  31   18    – –
WS BS  S    T         Ag  Int Per WP Fel

Movement: 10/20/30/60 Wounds: 20
Armour: Machine Trait (4 All) Total TB: 6
Skills: Athletics (S) +20, Awareness (Per) +20, Dodge (Ag)
+30, Stealth (Ag) +20, Survival (Per) +20.
Talents: Assassin Strike, Hard Target, Lightning Refl exes,
Swift Attack.
Traits: Bestial, Blind, Deadly Natural Weapons (Fangs and
Claws), Quadruped, Machine (4), Unnatural Toughness (2).
Armour: None (All 4).
Weapons: Fangs and claws (1d10+5 R; Pen 4; Razor Sharp).
Hollows Pattern Sentinel Array: This device allows the user
to “see” in all directions, and may detect targets through walls,
undergrowth, trees, or other obstructions, or in darkness or other
conditions when normal sight would be obscured. Solid walls
at least one metre thick (and without openings) block the Array.
This counteracts the Blind Trait, but the Array may be targeted
with a Called Shot Action. If the Called Shot hits and deals
damage, the Velocireaper reverts to being blind.
The user may also use the array to “lock on” to a specific target
as a Half Action (or he may load a specific bio-metric readout
into the Array beforehand, in which case the Array locks on
automatically). The Array may track that target up to 100 metres
away and always distinguishes between it and other targets.

Administratum Adept (Troop)

22   23  24 34  26  29  25  22    23
WS BS  S   T    Ag  Int Per WP Fel

Movement: 2/4/6/12 Wounds: 5
Armour: None Total TB: 3
Skills: Awareness (Per), Common Lore (Imperium) (Int),
Linguistics (Int)+10, Trade (any one).
Talents: None.
Weapons: Unarmed (1d5–1 I; Pen 0).
Gear: Robes, data-slate, 1d5 Thrones, auto-quill, parchment.

Imperial Guardsman (Troop)

35   35  35 35  35  28   31   25   25
WS BS  S   T   Ag   Int Per WP Fel

Movement: 3/6/9/18 Wounds: 10
Armour: Guard Flak Armour (4 All) Total TB: 3
Skills: Awareness (Per), Athletics (S), Common Lore
(Imperium, War) (Int), Dodge (Ag), Operate (Ground) (Ag),
Speak Language (Low Gothic) (Int), Stealth (Ag).
Talents: Nerves of Steel, Rapid Reload, Takedown.
Weapons: Guard Issue Lasgun (Basic; 100m; S/3/—;
1d10+3 E; Pen 0; Clip 60; Reload Full, Variable Setting),
Combat Knife (1d5+3; Pen 0), 3 Frag Grenades (Thrown;
9m; S/–/–; 2d10 X; Pen 0; Clip 1; Reload —; Blast [3]).
Gear: Guard Uniform, micro-bead, respirator, 4 clips for
lasgun, Imperial Infantryman’s Uplifting Primer.

Bounty Hunter (Elite)

41    48  41  41  45   36  39   38   36
WS BS   S    T   Ag  Int Per  WP Fel

Movement: 4/8/12/24 Wounds: 18
Armour: Light Carapace (5 All) Total TB: 4
Skills: Awareness (Per) +10, Common Lore (Imperium) (Int),
Concealment (Ag), Dodge (Ag)+20, Drive (Ground Vehicle)
(Ag), Inquiry (Fel), Interrogation (WP), Intimidate (S) +10,
Medicae (Int), Parry (WS) +20, Security (Ag), Shadowing
(Ag), Silent Move (Ag), Speak Language (Low Gothic) (Int),
Tracking (Int).
Talents: Deadeye Shot, Disarm, Hip Shooting, Quick Draw,
Marksman, Nerves of Steel, Rapid Reaction, Sharpshooter,
Swift Attack, Takedown, Unarmed Warrior.
Weapons: Chainsword (1d10+6 R; Pen 2; Balanced,
Tearing), Semi-Auto Hand Cannon with amputator rounds
(Pistol, 35m; S/2/–; 1d10+6 I; Pen 2; Clip 8; Reload 2 Full)
or Splinter Rifl e (Basic; 60m; S/3/5; 1d10+2 R; Pen 3; Clip
200; Reload 2 Full; Toxic [4]), 3 Stun Grenades (Thrown;
12m; S/–/–; —; Blast [3], Concussive [2]).                                                                                    Gear: 3 clips for ranged weapon, respirator, manacles, data
slate of bounties, Good Craftsmanship bionic eye.
Low Blow: Bounty Hunters are practiced in hitting their
opponents in their vitals. Whenever they make a Called
Shot Attack, their attack gains the Razor Sharp and Tearing
Qualities (if it didn’t have them already).

Ministorum Cleric (Elite)

38 24 30 41 29 29 25 22 4 0 – –
WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel Inf

Movement: 2/4/6/12 Wounds: 14
Armour: Chain Reinforced Robes (3 All except Head)
Total TB: 4
Skills: Awareness (Per), Charm (Fel), Common Lore (Imperial
Creed) (Int), Linguistics (Int), Parry (WS) +10, Scholastic
Lore (Imperial Creed) (Int) +10, Speak Language (High
Gothic, Low Gothic) (Int).
Talents: Air of Authority, Demagogue, Hatred (Chaos Space
Marines, Daemons, Heretics, Mutants, Psykers, Renegades,
Xenos [All], Unshakable Faith (counts as Unshakable Will).
Weapons: Chainsword (1d10+5 R; Pen 3; Balanced,
Tearing), Shotgun (Basic; 30m; S/–/–; 1d10+4 I; Pen 0;
Clip 8; Reload 2 Full; Scatter).
Gear: Ecclesiastical robes, prayer book.




On the field of battle, the soldiers of the Imperium are faced with
horrors which can drive a jaded mind mad, twist a courageous
heart to cowardice and wrench a faithful man to heresy. To guard
against such terrors, the servants of the corpse-emperor employ
men and women whose devotion to the Ecclesiarchy is fanatical
in the extreme. Though they are also clerics of the Adeptus
Ministorum, these champions of the faith inspire their charges to
acts of incredible daring and fervour, their righteousness acting
as a beacon of hope to those around them. Their prayers gird
their followers against physical harm from the creatures of the
warp and the psychic lashing of errant witches.
As a sign of their courage and faith, these spiritual soldiers
of the Imperium wield powerful melee weaponry, rushing
headlong into the enemy, firm in their belief that the Emperor
will guard them from harm. Indeed, the prayers and rites of
these blessed warriors spell doom for the daemons of the
warp, their blades wreathed in holy flames and their souls
armoured with words of faith. Believing battle to be an act
of true faith, these faithful servants anoint their weapons with
the shed blood of the enemies of mankind and lay low those
who would harm the men and women in their care.
Confessors are Elite foes that use the Ministorum Cleric
Profi le, with the following changes:
• Increase WS and S by +10.
• Add Dodge (Ag) +20 to their Skill List.
• Add Blademaster, Crushing Blow, Frenzy, Iron Jaw and
Resistance (Psychic Powers) to their Talent List. The bonus
for Crushing Blow is included in their weapon profi le.
• Replace their weapons with a Chain Greatsword
(2d10+8 R; Pen 3; Sanctifi ed, Tearing, Unwieldy).
In addition, Confessors gain the following special ability:
Litany of Hate: The Confessor’s loud condemnation of all
things Anti-Imperial allow him to share his Hatred with those
around him. So long as he is able to speak, all allies within
earshot count as possessing all of his Hatred Talents.

The Cryptos

The Cryptos are encountered in two forms. Their natural
form is a strange green-tinted cloud of energised gas, and
their parasitic form is an apparently ordinary human who
is possessed and controlled. The rules that follow cover the
Cryptos in its incorporeal form and also give an example of a
possessed human.

Cryptos Natural Form Profile

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
15 15 –– 25 30 60 35 50 10
Movement: 3/6/9/18 Wounds: 12
Skills: Deceive (Fel) +10, Forbidden Lore (Xenos) (Int) +10,
Psyniscience (Per) +10, additionally all (Int) based Skills are
Basic Skills for the Cryptos.
Talents: Resistance (Psychic).
Traits: Energy Sensitivity†, Flyer 6†, From Beyond,
Incorporeal†, Cryptos Possession†, Pseudo-gaseous Form,
Strange Physiology†, Unnatural Senses.
†These Traits only apply when a Cryptos is in its Incorporeal
form and do not apply to a creature it possesses.
Psychic Powers (Psy Rating 2): Compel, Fearful Aura,
Forget Me, Inspiring Aura, Sense Presence, and Telepathy.
Energy Sensitivity: Although a Cryptos in its natural form
is permanently incorporeal, strong energy fields will block it,
and it is vulnerable to shock weaponry (taking half Damage),
psychic energy, and powerful electrical discharges.
Pseudo-gaseous Form: A Cryptos is visible to normal sight as
a flickering and dense green-tinted cloud; however, this cloud
is composed more of esoteric energy patterns than solid matter.
In this gaseous form, a Cryptos cannot be detected by devices
that register warp disturbance or biological life, but may be
detected by a Hard (–20) Awareness Test using an auspex
or energy scanner, appearing as a strange electromagnetic
Compel: A Cryptos can use the Compel power automatically
on members of a community that it has infiltrated for more
than a year. Should Compel be used against an individual who
has not had prolonged exposure to the Cryptos, an Opposed
Willpower Test is required.
Telepathy: A Cryptos can communicate with other Cryptos
within 20 km without needing a Power roll, and can potentially
reach interstellar ranges with the right conditions.
Weapons: None.
Threat Rating: Xenos Majoris.


Magos Ætheric

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel

22 24 38 42(8) 32 45 38 41 22
Movement: 3/6/9/18 Wounds: 13
Skills: Awareness (Per), Chem-Use (Int), Common Lore
(Machine Cult, Tech) (Int) +10, Logic (Int) +10, Forbidden
Lore (Warp) (Int) +20, Scholastic Lore (Astromancy) (Int),
Speak Language (Low Gothic, High Gothic) (Int), Secret
Tongue (Tech) (Int) +10, Tech-Use (Int) +20.
Talents: Binary Chatter, Chem Geld, Electrical Succour, Electro
Graft Use, Energy Cache, Fearless, Luminen Blast, Luminen
Charge, Maglev Grace, Meditation, Mechadendrite Use.
Traits: Mechanicus Implants, Sturdy, Unnatural Toughness (x2).
Armour: Flak cloak and cybernetic body (All 4).
Weapons: Hand Flamer (Pistol; 10m; S/–/–; 1d10+4 E;
Pen 2; Clip 2; Rld 2 Full; Flame) or Laspistol (Pistol; 30m;
S/–/–; 1d10+2 E; Pen 0; Clip 30; Reload Full; Reliable),
Chainblade (Melee; 1d10+5 R; Pen 1; Balanced, Tearing).
Gear: Basic MIU interface and 1d5+1 other implants, Utility
Mechadendrite, Lathes Mechadendrite Stabiliser, tools,
respirator, data-slate, personal cogitator, 2 pistol clips.
Hidden Rider: Magos Ætheric who have spent too long
within the Immaterium often attract unwanted attention from
those within. Any of these Tech-Priests have a 30% chance of
Possession (see page 331 of the DARK HERESY Core Rulebook),
though of a subtle nature. Acolytes must pass a Very Hard
(–30) Scrutiny Test or a Hard (–20) Psyniscience Test to
detect that another will now controls that body.

Vigilies Servitor (Combat Servitor)

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel

45 42 45(8) 45 (8) 40 20 35 44 ––

Movement: 5/10/15/30 Wounds: 16
Skills: Awareness (Per) +10, Dodge (Ag), Search (Per) +10,
Tracking (Int) +20.
Talents: Counter-Attack, Crushing Blow, Fearless,
Independent Targeting, Lightning Reflexes, Swift Attack,
Resistance (Fear, Psychic Powers), Two Weapon Wielder
(Ballistic), True Grit, Wall of Steel.
Traits: Armour Plated (x2), Automated Threat Protocols,
Dark Sight, Fear (1), Improved Natural Weapons, Machine
(4), Mechanicus Implants, Multiple Arms (4), Size (Hulking),
Sturdy, Unnatural Strength (x2), Unnatural Toughness (x2).
Armour: Machine (8 All).
Weapons: Power Lance (Melee/Thrown; 10m; 1d10+14 E;
Pen 6; Power field) or Servo-Fist (x2) (Melee, 1d10+10 I;
Pen 0), Sunder Shield (Adamantine) (Melee; 1d5+14 I; Pen
2; Defensive, Power Field), Integrated Catalytic Mass Driver
(Basic; 120m; S/–/5; 1d10 R; Pen 12; Reliable), Integrated
Grenade Launcher with Fire Selector for Haywire Grenades
(Basic; 45m; S/–/–; N/A; Pen –; Clip 8; Reload Full; Haywire
(3), Storm, Reliable) or Krak Grenades (Basic; 45m; S/–/–;
2d10+4 X; Pen 6; Clip 8; Reload Full; Storm, Reliable).
Gear: 2 Drums of Haywire and Krak Grenades, Auger Arrays,
Cerebral Plugs, Micro-Bead, Photo-Visor.
Automated Threat Protocols: All Vigilies Servitors utilise
detailed combat and tactical analysis, and response protocols
for a variety of situations. The downside is that, while highly
efficient and very effective, the programming is specific to a
fault, often placing the warrior at a disadvantage when dealing
simultaneously with varied opponents. As a reaction, the
Vigilies Servitor can nominate a single target in combat. The
Vigilies Servitor then gains +10 to all WS and BS Tests against
that target until the end of his next turn. However, the Vigilies
Servitor also takes a –10 penalty to all WS and BS Tests against
any other opponents until the end of his next turn.